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Nature Walks: A Fall Activity for the Whole Family

I am excited to have Michelle from Mothers Can Teach guest posting today! She is sharing her ideas and knowledge of family life and homeschooling with a post about nature walks. I am so glad that she is here!

If you are looking for a fun fall activity that the whole family can enjoy, try a simple Nature Walk! It’s a fun family-activity any time of the year, but the fall season is perhaps one of the most enjoyable times to get outside. With the colorful foliage and cooler temperature, this minimal to no-prep activity is a wonderful way to enhance your homeschooling routine.

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nature walks

What Is A Nature Walk?

A Nature Walk can mean many different things to different people. It really depends on what you want to get out of it. In its simplest form, it is just a walk to enjoy looking at and being in nature. Walk the trails and talk about what you see, hear, and smell.

If you have older children and want to incorporate a little more science into the activity, research local plant and animal life before you go. Have your children identify types of trees, check for animal tracks, and (if you’re brave enough) identify animal droppings.

It’s Not Just for Science

When we think of walks, we often classify it as a science-based activity, but it can be so much more! For little ones, incorporate math by counting objects that you see. How many rabbits cross your path? How many birds are singing? You can even throw in a few calculations by turning your counting into a story problem. If we see two more rabbits, how many would that be?

Art is another subject that can easily be incorporated. Just grab a clipboard, paper, and a pencil and bring it with you. Either draw a picture of something you find or do a few nature rubbings. You can also try collecting leaves for some activities once you get back home.

The art possibilities are endless and the same can be said for writing. Have your child write a poem or short story inspired by your walk. For older children, try writing a report about a local plant species or animal.

The Best Place to Go on a Nature Walk

Nature walks don’t require you to go far. You can simply stay in your neighborhood with a brisk walk around the park.

However, you may want to research walking trails in your area as well. Many local parks and nature centers have trails of varying difficulty. If you will need to push a little one in the stroller, look for handicap-accessible trails if there is one available.

These more remote trails will often have more evidence of wildlife for your children to find as you walk. If you have a local conservation department nearby, check with them for trail information about plants and animals you are likely to find. They may even be able to provide additional resources to help with your homeschooling when you visit!

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Nature Walks: It’s All About Family Time

Nature Walks are truly something for the whole family, no matter if you are preschooler identifying colors and counting or a high schooler starting a bird watching journal, there is something for everyone to find and enjoy on a nature walk.

Enjoy the break from technology and have a family discussion along the way. You can even make a full day out of it but packing lunch and some snacks. Whatever you decide on your Nature Walk, relax and have fun with it. Happy Walking!

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