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set the pace

Overcoming Fear and Doubt

From anxiety to fear to self-doubt, God is ready to deliver you from the strongholds that bind.

story of Leah

Mothers of the Bible Series

Reach back through the ages and reap wisdom from these amazing women of the Bible!

what does the Bible say about thanksgiving

Embracing a Life of Gratitude

What does the Bible say about gratitude and how do we apply it to our every day lives?

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Finding Hope

Quotes and Bible Verses

Lessons in Christian Living

lessons from home
Hello! I'm Heather and this is Baby Joel, the youngest of five. At Lessons from Home you will find encouragement for your parenting and homeschooling journey. Healing from loss is also a major part of this blog as my family struggles through grief and brokenness at the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.
lessons from home

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