7 Powerful Examples of Surrendering to God in the Bible

The word “surrender” may strike fear in your heart which is exactly why I want to share these examples of surrendering to God in the Bible. My goal is to show you the beauty and joy that comes with such an attitude. We will discuss what it means to surrender to God and why it […]

12 Bible Verses About Building a Strong Foundation

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Bible verses about building a strong foundation is the parable of the wise man and the foolish man that Jesus told at the closing of the Sermon on the Mount.  He tells us that a good foundation is built on solid rock which is […]

55 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Teen Girls

These inspirational quotes for teen girls are meant to encourage them through some of the ups and downs of their teenage years.  Quotes are good for all stages of life because it seems as if there is someone out there who has experienced what you are going through and they not only encourage you, but […]

Bible Study on Prayer: A Powerful Tool for Christians

The purpose of prayer is simple.  It connects us humans to our creator.  That being said, we humans are complicated and our God is great so this Bible study on prayer explores all areas in which we find that communication with God.   Everyone you ask will have a different prayer experience.  For some, the […]

10 Examples of Mercy in the Bible Plus Verses

Mercy is a concept that is sometimes difficult for us to wrap our brains around which is exactly why I want to write about examples of mercy in the Bible. We have strong feelings of anger, injustice, bitterness, and jealousy. While the opposite feelings of love, joy, peace, and gratitude are just as strong, we […]

Free Valentine’s Day Bible Verse Printables for Kids

​Valentine’s Day season is a great way to both study and show God’s love.  I can’t think of a better way to embrace the season than with God’s word, after all, He is the only source of true love.  I hope these Valentine’s Day Bible verse printables are helpful to you.   This special holiday […]

Discouragement in the Bible: Top Verses and Stories to Help

We all go through times of discouragement.  Sometimes these lead us to Christ Jesus and sometimes they cause our faith to fail.  The point of this post about discouragement in the Bible is to help you lean on the God of all comfort in your hard times as well as let you know that you […]

20 Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Your Marriage

Our closest human relationship is our marriage and what is under attack ALL THE TIME?  Our marriages. This is no coincidence and is clearly a tactic of satan.  In this post, we are going to discuss what marriage is meant to be and what spiritual warfare prayers for marriage look like. Powerful spiritual warfare prayers […]

20 Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection

Whether you are here because you want to improve your prayer life or because you feel as if you are under spiritual attack, I hope the word of God speaks to you in this post about spiritual warfare prayers for protection.   Before we jump into this I want to remind you that we can […]

7 Bible Stories About Anxiety to Calm Your Fears

I vividly remember my first panic attack which is why I want to write this post of Bible stories about anxiety. I know too well the inability to breathe, the weakness, the whirling, the frantic beating of your heart. Actually, I’ve written quite a bit about anxiety (I will list some links in a bit) […]

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