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Feeling Lonely as a Mom

I am so excited to have Mary from Butterfly Living here to talk about feeling lonely as a mom. I know that I went through a lonely period when my first three were very young. I was exhausted, a little overwhelmed, and in need of encouragement. I will let her tell you about her experiences […]

20 Memorable Experience Gifts for Men

Have you ever stood looking lost in the tool aisle at Christmas time? Decorated sets and fun looking power tools might have you dreaming of your husband crossing things off that honey-do list, but which one does he need? And why are they so stinking expensive? This is the reason I have latched onto the […]

Fun Experience Gifts for Kids They are Sure to Love

My sister is great at thinking up fun family gifts. Last year for Christmas she gifted us a movie night box complete with movies, popcorn, soda, and candy. This has become one of my favorite experience gifts for kids. The best thing about experience gifts for kids is that they can be altered to fit […]

Hagar: A Lonely Woman Seen By God

I am so excited to introduce you to Karen from Warrior Women Blog! She volunteered to write this next addition to the Mothers of the Bible Series and did such an amazing job. By the time I finished reading this story about Hagar, I found myself in tears, completing relating to this woman from thousands […]

lessons from home
Hello! I'm Heather and this is Baby Joel, the youngest of five. At Lessons from Home you will find encouragement for your parenting and homeschooling journey. Healing from loss is also a major part of this blog as my family struggles through grief and brokenness at the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.
lessons from home

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