5 Bible Stories about Faith that Teach a Lesson

Why Bible stories about faith? Because we need them! It is important for us to study the men and women God included in His word to us because their lives hold valuable lessons for us. Who stepped out on faith in the Bible? We are going to study four specific men and five Bible stories […]

8 Bible Stories about Patience to Encourage Us

Why 8 Bible stories about patience? The title says to encourage you and that is only partly true. What I really want to do is help you focus. Let me explain. If you are like me, your world is in constant motion and you are overstimulated by the people who need you, social media, work, […]

Embracing God’s Strength in our Weakness

Learning to embrace God’s strength in our weakness is not something that happens overnight.  It is also something that does not happen during the happy times of our life.  These lessons are learned through tears and heartache, loneliness and depression, and anxiety and fear.  The wonderful news is that we have hope.  Our hope becomes […]

27 Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Scriptures for Your Whole Family

I recently came under attack from satan and the annoying thing is I didn’t recognize that’s where it was coming from at all.  I want to share my experience and thoughts with you as well as round up as many spiritual warfare prayers and scriptures as I can to help you recognize and defend yourself […]

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