What Makes a Good Mom According to the Bible

In today’s day of open judgment, while hiding behind a screen or whispering gossip, we’ve categorized each other into good moms and bad moms. We are basing such judgments on our own opinions and experiences. We should be asking “what makes a good mom according to the Bible?” I am a firm believer in measuring […]

How to Face Your Fears with Faith and Finally Overcome Them

Learning how to face your fears is a journey and one I want to share with you. As always, my lessons begin with my kids or my garden or the many experiences God brings my way. “You can run, but you can’t hide” I say in my scariest voice. Two little boys run away squealing. […]

How to Hear God’s Voice: 4 Ways God Speaks to Us

God spoke directly to Abraham, Isaac wrestled with the angel of the Lord, David’s prayers turned into prophecies, and Paul was “led by the spirit”. Since the beginning of time, God has been speaking to His creation, but have you ever wondered how to hear God’s voice? One of my favorite stories is that of […]

Bible Stories about Hope to Lighten Your Weary Soul

This post on Bible stories about hope came about as I was pondering how hope springs from pain. Hope also springs from disappointments, confusion, frustration, and the unlikely. Hope pushes us to believe when everyone has failed us. Hope springs from pain. I am forever amazed at the human heart. How it can endure overwhelming […]

15 Homeschool Math Curriculum Reviews by Moms Like You

One great thing about homeschooling is the crazy amount of options available to us. We can choose a curriculum for any learning style and family routine (like this variety of homeschool math curriculum), but with all of these choices, we often find ourselves unable to decide which one will be best. The point of this […]

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