books about seasons

6 Great Picture Books about Seasons

We live in a climate which embraces every season to it’s fullest. We have very distinct weather changes and we find things we love and dislike about each! This is a list of great picture books about the seasons for young kids. They are perfect for young readers to explore on their own (except for “Now it is Winter”) and have lovely pictures to entertain preschoolers.

books about seasons

Picture Books about Seasons

A Tree for All Season

A tree for all seasons

“A Tree for All Seasons” with its eye-catching, large format, photographic picture book will delight beginning readers. All the vocabulary, language, and concepts in this carefully researched, 16-page book is geared to young children so that they can practice their reading skills as they discover, explore, and learn.

The Thanksgiving Bowl

books about seasons

When Grandma Grace’s Thanksgiving bowl topples off the table and into the lives of others, it becomes a useful found object for all who encounter it. From one Thanksgiving to the next, the bowl makes its way upstream and downstream, through sandboxes and snowstorms, carrying goodwill and offering creative inspiration. By the time it makes its way back to Grandma Grace’s backyard, it has been used through all of the seasons.

All Through the Year

Open this book and travel your way all through the year and treasure each day. From this beloved/illustrator team comes a timeless account of a year in the lift of an Australian family. Told through the eyes of a child and featuring each month of the year, “All Through the Year” is perfect to give, to share, and to treasure.

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

books about seasons for preschoolers

Join a young girl in “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” as she takes a walk through forest and town, greeting all the signs of the coming season. In a series of conversations with every flower and creature and gust of wind, she says good-bye to summer and welcomes autumn.

Now it is Winter

“Now it is Winter” is about a young mouse anxiously awaits spring and repeatedly asks his mother when it will come. With lovely lyrics like “will I hear the sleepy sound of soft rain pattering on the roof” the young mouse asks about the joys of spring. Mother mouse points out all of the wonderful things about winter and teaches him to be content in the season he is in.

The Seasons

books about seasons

During the summer, it is warm outside. During the winter, it is cold. This is because of seasons. This science reader introduces students to the seasons. With easy-to-read text and vivid images, “The Seasons” teaches students important scientific subjects and vocabulary terms like migrate, hibernate, cycle, and harvest. Aligned to state and national standards, the book contains nonfiction text features like an index, a glossary, captions, and bold font to keep students connected to the text. A hands-on science experiment helps students apply what they have learned and develops critical thinking skills.

The Reasons for the Seasons

picture books about seasons

Fascinating and easy to understand, “The Reasons for Seasons” is a perfect introduction to seasons, earth’s orbit, and axial tilt. Different effects on different parts of the world are included, illustrating the difference in climate between the equator, the northern and southern hemispheres, and the polar regions.

Hopefully, this collection of books about the seasons with their beautiful illustrations along with the scientific explanations encourage your kids to embrace the joys of each season and feed their inquisitive minds.

If fall is what you are trying to teach, you might also want to check out “10 Easy Apple Recipes for Kids” and get them into the fall mood as well!

Do you have books that you enjoy about the seasons? Leave it in the comments below!

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