What better way to teach kids about God’s word than while playing games? Bible Bingo for kids is a great way to hide God’s word in their hearts, familiarize them with scripture, and open discussions for important Biblical topics.

Why Bible Games for Kids?

Some days I feel as if I am right on track teaching my kids God’s word. We have devotions, Bible verses come up randomly in conversation, and character training is a never ending responsibility.

Other days I totally drop the ball. We over sleep and rush to get our school work done for the day skipping devotionals altogether, I am crabby and in need of character training myself, and our conversation doesn’t mention God once.

It’s days like this that Bible games for kids can bring us all back on track.

Fruits of the Spirit Bingo

Fruit of Spirit for kids is an important lesson in Biblical truth as well as character training. Be sure to check out my post

This Bible Bingo for kids includes the 9 fruits of the spirit as well as fun fruit pictures which are perfect for memorizing while having fun. Click image below to download calling cards as well as 15 different Bingo sheets. These are mostly black and white to be easy on your printer 🙂

Valentine’s Day Bingo

With all of this in mind, I am working on Bible Bingo for kids! The first one is great for Valentine’s Day, but honestly, God’s love is something that should be talked about every day! This Bible Bingo for kids is based on 1 Corinthian 13. It contains calling cards and 15 different Bingo mats.

Be sure to check out “Inspirational Bible Verses About God’s Love” for a 30 day Bible reading plan on the topic of God’s love creating with family devotions in mind.

Bible Bingo for kids

Help your kids not only learn the wording of 1 Corinthians 13 with specific phrases such as “suffers long”, “is kind”, and “is not puffed up”, but also the meanings of these phrases such as “is not selfish” and “love thinks of others”.

Books of the Bible Bingo

These fun books of the Bible Bingo games can be played a variety of ways.

  • You call the book and kids find it to familiarize themselves with the names.
  • You call the book and kids find the book that comes after.
  • You call the book and kids find the book that comes before.

This Bingo includes only the 27 books of the New Testament. It includes calling cards and 20 different Bingo sheets.

Be sure to hop over to Savoring Each Moment and check out her birth of Christ Bingo!

More Bible Bingo for kids coming soon! Proverbs for kids is in the making so be sure to come back!

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Gratitude Journal for Kids

This gratitude journal begins with specific subjects. What foods are you thankful for? Draw a picture of a person you are thankful for. What 3 things in nature are you thankful for? etc. This helps kids recognize all of the wonderful things around them. 

Spring Poems Coloring Book

Spring poems are a great way to study literature, nature, and creative writing with your students or kids. These spring poems for kids coloring pages will add a fun project to your study. Includes a cover page, 7 pages with poems, and 2 pages with pictures to color and a place for kids to write their own poems.

Fall Poems Coloring Book

14-page fall poems coloring book. Includes 7 coloring pages with poems and 4 coloring pages for children to write their own poems. Perfect for elementary-aged children!

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