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Times Heals All Wounds Quote: True or False?

I was walking along the beach, letting the cool waters of Lake Superior wash over my bare feet. I was at this same beach a year ago, trying to get through the anniversary of my daughter’s death. The quote “time heals all wounds” keeps circling around in my head. It’s not true, but let me […]

Embracing God’s Strength in our Weakness

Learning to embrace God’s strength in our weakness is not something that happens overnight.  It is also something that does not happen during the happy times of our life.  These lessons are learned through tears and heartache, through loneliness and depression, through axiety and fear.  The wonderful news is that we have hope.  Our hope […]

Healing from Grief: Allowing Yourself to Grow

Healing from grief does not mean removing yourself from your grief. Once again, I’ve been reminded of the significance of grief, deep pain, and how I am changed because of it. This post has a couple of helpful, significant points, but my story first 😉 The neighbors gave us a memorial tree for Rebekah the […]

Can Grief Cause Anxiety? 10 Tips to Help You Cope

“Your anxiety isn’t going to go completely away,” said the pretty well-dressed counselor sitting across from me. “The very thing you are afraid of has already materialized”. It was a fear I never had before that warm August evening 2 years prior. I had never even thought to ask the question, “can grief cause anxiety?” […]

Follow your Heart: Not just a Cliche

I am laughing at myself right now because I chose “Follow Your Heart” as a title.  It is possible that I watch too many Hallmark movies.  At a dramatic climax which leaves me holding my breath (even though I know how it is going to end because, hello, its Hallmark), someone says, “You have to […]

Does Grief Ever Go Away?

Yesterday, I drove out to visit Rebekah and water her flowers. I had hung a basket of petunias covered in purple blossoms the week before. She would have liked them. The second I pulled up, I noticed the deer had eaten them-all. Somehow it was an answer to a question I’d been asking myself the […]

My Heart’s Answered Prayer

We were sick last week. The kids were cranky, tired, and throwing up. I was sore, tired and feverish with strep. Parenting is at it’s most difficult when taking care of sick kids while being unwell yourself. My heart was heavy as Rebekah’s birthday approached. I had been determined not to cry the whole week […]

When we Blame God for Pain and Suffering

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I awaken with a start. I listen for a second wondering what woke me. My toddler is snoring softly beside me and the two of us are warm and comfy snuggled together. I can hear Joshua breathing through the baby monitor and the gurgling of Caleb’s turtle tank filter. Lines from […]

The Song that Came to Pass

I would like to take you all on a journey with me today.  Be patient because I’m not sure this post even has a point and I’m probably breaking all of the “how to write a good post” rules, but my heart is heavy and I want to share something with you. We keep a […]

Thankfulness in the Face of Hope

Last year I wrote Thankfulness in the Face of Grief. It was written with a knife. The pain in my heart as I struggled to praise God was nearly unbearable. Is it possible to experience thankfulness when looking back? It’s hard to comprehend that an entire year has gone by. 365 days of grief, sorrow, […]

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Hello! I'm Heather and this is Baby Joel, the youngest of five. At Lessons from Home you will find encouragement for your parenting and homeschooling journey. Healing from loss is also a major part of this blog as my family struggles through grief and brokenness at the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.
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