I am so glad you are here on my free printables for kids page! Isn’t it fun to visit a page in which everything is free?

As a busy homeschooling mama, I know how much I rely on quick google searches to supplement our curriculum and provide fun activities throughout the school year. My hope is that over the course of this year that this page will become a wonderful resource for you as I add to it weekly.

Every Friday, I will add a new freebie here. The following week, I will put that freebie in the correct category or move it to my resource page and add a new one. This is simply a way to keep track of weekly free printables for kids. If you want access to all of my freebies, be sure to subscribe to Friday Freebies!

Click image above to download and print!

winter poems for kids
Roll the dice, read the words, and draw a part of the snowman. Site words and cvc words.
roll and read sight words

Check out this cute spring freebie! It is a color and graph butterfly printable 🙂 Click image to download.

It’s fall which means we can have all kinds of fun with apples and pumpkins and leaves! Here is a simple math game your kiddos will enjoy.

Are you in need of a little summer structure? I created the “daily 10” two years ago when my kids thought that summer meant unlimited screen time. I made a list of a few things for them to do BEFORE heading to their devices. I do want to note that we stay pretty active during the summer with trips to the lake, park playdates etc. but these are for the weeks when not much is going on and there is an inclination toward bored bickering and whining.

I have two different lists here. Hopefully one of these will meet your needs. Click image to download 🙂

summer routine for kids

Spring is coming! Check out these cute spring poems coloring pages! You can download a few free ones by clicking the link below or hop over to my shop and purchase the full 10 page coloring book.

spring poems for kids

Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten and Grades 1-3

Free Printable Preschool Activities

These free printable preschool activities cover a wide variety of beginning reading skills as well as fine motor, coloring pages, number activities, opposites, rhyming etc.

All ages have their positivies and negatives, but preschool has got to be one of my favorite learning stages. Everything is new and exciting and free printable preschool activities are just fun to create 🙂

preschool alphabet worksheets

Free Printables for Kindergarten and First Grade

While all children are different and learn at different rates, for organizational purposes I tried to group these free printables for kids by grade. If you don’t find what you are looking for here in free printables for kindergarten and first grade, please keep skimming. You might find it further down!

Free Scripture Printables for Kids

Hide the word in their hearts with these free scripture printables for kids!

Click image to download your free fruit of the spirit coloring pages. 9 pages total.
bible reading plan about love
Click image to download your 30 day Bible reading plan on God’s love.

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