When Life isn’t Convenient

Today’s Five Minute Friday word is convenient.

I’ve been a bit irritated with my family lately. I am tired of tripping over shoes that are kicked off in every direction when they enter the house. The endless sinkful of dishes no matter how many times a day I load that dishwasher seems to mock me. I am forever rushing through the house like my own little tornado gathering up toys, socks, sweatshirts, and school papers and trying to deposit them into their correct residence.

If you are a mom, you are nodding your head, completely relating to what I’m saying. BUT on closer examination of my grumpiness, I can see that my bad attitude is a result of of people not doing what is convenient for me.

Let me explain, It is convenient for my 11 year old to take off his socks and leave them under his desk. It is convenient for my husband to fix himself something to eat after the kids have gone to bed and my chores are finished and leave his dishes all over the counters. It is convenient for my toddler and preschooler to happily go from one activity to the next while leaving their toys right where they played with them last.

Is it right for my house to be in chaos? That is a question for a different post. Is it right for my attitude to be grumpy while taking care of my family? This question I can answer.

No, it’s not. It is not healthy for me to allow my inconvenience to rule my attitude. Afterall, how often do people do things that are not convenient for them simply because I need them to.

Isn’t that life? We are always inconvenienced by the weather, other people, government decisions, etc. etc.

Shall we allow those things to dictate our attitude? No, we shouldn’t because life is so much more than the little occurences that annoy us.

So, today, I will put a smile on my face and embrace the things in life that are not convenient. I will hug my messy family because they are here with me right now and I love them!

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4 thoughts on “When Life isn’t Convenient”

  1. So true- inconvenience is a part of life and sometimes the only thing we can control is our own response. Not easy though! Visiting from FMF.

  2. Wow…
    I love your perspective here, you really challenged me. I am a BIG advocate for being considerate of others, so reading about your son’s socks or your husband’s dishes has that cheerleader within me saying “but it is inconsiderate…”
    BUT, you are right… So right. It would be for your convenience that they would inconvenience themselves… Wow. Again, thank you for challenging me.

    1. Right?? I had to really focus on NOT saying “but they should clean up after themselves!” LOL Good luck today as you keep this in mind 🙂

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