When Life Gives You Lemons-Make Soup

Hello Friends,

I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy as we are having some trouble with that ourselves.  We were sick AGAIN last week.  This time all six of us came down with the flu.  I feel as if I lost an entire week of my life.

Looking back, however, on all of the fevers, tv watching, whining, sleepless nights, crabbiness, and endless coughing, I can smile at a few memories.

We spent a lot of time snuggled up together.  XOXO

We were forced to slow down, stay home, and rest.  Most days we are on the run and I spend more time hurrying everyone up then I do enjoying them.

We found this gem of a soup.  Brett always wants chicken soup when he is sick.  He was the first to contract the miserable virus and the first to recover so he hunted down a new soup recipe and cooked it twice for us.  It is delicious!


Do you have a favorite recipe for when you or your family are sick?   Post it in the comments.  It is cold and snowy here, a perfect time to try new comfort foods!

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  1. While being sick is no fun, it was nice to read that you got to slow down and smile at some of the memories. My Brett is always so busy (as you know) that I look back at his childhood and it is just a blur. Enjoy the lazy times and make an effort to be lazy every once in awhile. 🙂
    Hope you are all on the mends. Please know you can call me if you ever need anything. (Except I’m not the best cook!) 🙂

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