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The Story of Leah: Loved by God

Welcome back to another post in our Mothers of the Bible Series! A big thank you to Meghan from Strength and Dignity (don’t you just love that name!?) for guest posting for me today with the story of Leah.

Have ever felt like you weren’t good enough?

Unfortunately, women have been feeling inadequate since the days of the Old Testament.

If you look in the book of Genesis you’ll find the story of Leah, a woman who was often compared to her younger sister, and didn’t seem to measure up. It wasn’t until the sisters started their families that Leah began to see how blessed she truly was!

the story of Leah

A Love Triangle of Sorts

Genesis 29 tells the story of Jacob and Leah…and her sister, Rachel.

A man named Jacob went to work for his Uncle Laban. Laban had two daughters. The older one was named Leah, and the younger was Rachel.

Rachel was very beautiful, while Leah was less attractive.

Rachel Promised to Jacob

Jacob was in love with Rachel, so he made an arrangement with Laban. Jacob would work for him for seven years in exchange for Rachel’s hand in marriage.

Rachel seemed to have it all. Not only was she beautiful, but she had a man so in love with her that he was willing to work all those years just to marry her!

Leah on the other hand, had no men interested in her.

Leah Given to Jacob

After seven years had passed, Jacob took his bride, only to realize he had actually married Leah! His uncle had deceived him, because it was the custom for the oldest daughter to be married before her younger sisters.

Although Jacob is married to Leah, he was still in love with Rachel. He agreed to work an additional seven years for his uncle, so he could also marry Rachel.

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Leah’s Life with Jacob

I can only imagine the humiliation Leah must have felt knowing that she only ended up with Jacob because her father tricked him into marrying her! Talk about embarrassing!

The Unloved Wife

Jacob makes no secret of the fact that his heart actually belongs to Rachel. Even though he is married to both sisters, the more you continue to read, the more Jacob’s favoritism becomes evident. This takes a toll on Leah.

Blessed with Babies

There is one thing that Leah could do for her husband that Rachel could not. Give him children!

“When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb, but Rachel was barren.” Gen. 29:31

God saw the heartbreak that Leah endured due to the rejection of her husband. He knew she was hurting, and blessed her by giving her children. While Rachel struggled to conceive, Leah gave birth to son, after son.

Leah knew that she couldn’t compete with her sister’s looks. She had spent years trying to win the affection of her husband, Jacob, but knew he still loved Rachel more.

For Leah, bearing Jacob’s sons was one of the only things she could do to please him in a way that her sister could not.

Although Leah struggled to feel worthy in the eyes of her husband, she was blessed by the Lord. In the end, Rachel gave Jacob two sons, but Leah gave birth to six sons and a daughter.


It’s painful, when like Leah, nothing we do seems right, or like it’s enough.

Leah faced many difficulties in her life, but in the end was rewarded by God by becoming a mother.

This speaks volumes about the value of motherhood in the eyes of the Lord!

She may not have been favored by her husband, but Leah was loved by God. She was blessed and became the mother of many sons, and no doubt, took great delight in her children!

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