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I Offer to You my Hand

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “offer”. It was a beautiful summer day 15 years ago. I was hiking along a river with my new friend. The water glistened as sun reflected off of it and a gentle spray touched my face. We were climbing among the large rocks that lined the river. My friend […]

My Heart’s Answered Prayer

We were sick last week. The kids were cranky, tired, and throwing up. I was sore, tired and feverish with strep. Parenting is at it’s most difficult when taking care of sick kids while being unwell yourself. My heart was heavy as Rebekah’s birthday approached. I had been determined not to cry the whole week […]

When you Cry Alone

This morning I made my bed as I do every morning.  I pulled the soft comforter to the top and carefully placed my pillows, gray first and then green and finally purple accents.  I smiled because I like things neat and pretty and this fell into that.  On an impulse, I went into Rebekah’s room […]

Gaining Strength from each Other

Sometimes I picture my husband and I as two tall trees growing side by side.  Perhaps he’s a strong oak and I a colorful maple or we are both cedars reaching for the sky.  We are independent people, in need of our own space to be individuals (and do things our way!) but our long […]

Gifts from Heaven

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  Some come in brightly wrapped paper, some in a plastic bag and yet others appear on my cluttered desk without any presentation. They are big like the new car my husband parked in our garage as a surprise back in our early years of marriage.  Those were scarce […]

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