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Parables and Stories of Forgiveness in the Bible

Do you ever hear something in church that suddenly makes so much sense to you that you can’t get it out of your head? This happened to me with a verse that I’ve never understood, but once I did, I felt moved to act upon it which prompted me to explore stories of forgiveness in […]

5 Steps to Repentance: David as Our Example

David, a man after God’s own heart, is the perfect example to begin this study on the 5 steps to repentance. These verses come from 2 Samuel chapter 12 NKJV. The prophet Nathan stood before King David. He stood bravely because His words were from above and were important to this great warrior of a […]

13 Bible Verses About God’s Love

Last week I wrote a five minute friday post about being confident that I am loved. I enjoy the idea of simply writing my thoughts on a topic and sharing them, but if you know me, then you realize that I can’t say anything in just five minutes! I want to spend more time emphasizing […]

Fighting the Good Fight with God

Usually, I pray for peace for my family. I pray that God calms the bickering and that I respond with patience when kids break dishes or the washing machine ceases to work. Early this morning, while wrapped in my new fuzzy blanket and curled up comfortably in my recliner, I found myself praying for fight. […]

Happy First Birthday in Heaven

I wish I could explain to you the intensity of the “firsts” that we have experienced over the past seven months.  I remember Caleb’s birthday, just a month after the accident.  I was in a dark overwhelming fog that affected every aspect of my thoughts.  Micah’s party, just three weeks later, found me sobbing at […]

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