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Can Grief Cause Anxiety? 10 Tips to Help You Cope

“Your anxiety isn’t going to go completely away,” said the pretty well-dressed counselor sitting across from me. “The very thing you are afraid of has already materialized”. It was a fear I never had before that warm August evening 2 years prior. I had never even thought to ask the question, “can grief cause anxiety?” […]

Follow your Heart: Not just a Cliche

I am laughing at myself right now because I chose “Follow Your Heart” as a title.  It is possible that I watch too many Hallmark movies.  At a dramatic climax which leaves me holding my breath (even though I know how it is going to end because, hello, its Hallmark), someone says, “You have to […]

My Really Horrible First Day of Homeschool

We have just entered our sixth year homeschooling. Sixth! I love the way that sounds. In some ways it feels as if I have enough experience to have this figured out and have a good plan in place. Truthfully, that’s how I felt going into last week.  I was armed with curriculum I was comfortable […]

Anxiety, a Lesser known Part of my Grief

Anxiety has become far too familiar to me since Rebekah’s accident. Just as grief is now a part of every aspect of my life, anxiety has crept in also. I’ve been told I need to redirect my thoughts.  Have any of you tried to do that?  Seriously, it is hard! I’ve also been told to […]

Emotions are all I have to Share

For days now I have been trying to write something encouraging.  I’ve been trying to put my feelings and experiences into a neat little package and present it to you all in a positive way. I can’t.  Not this week.  Today I will simply release my feelings in the messy mixed up way they are […]

Losing Myself in Grief

I get up every morning with the sun (or before as I don’t sleep much these days).  I shower, feed the kids, we work hard at school, we run to piano, swim lessons, the bank, the grocery store.  I smile at all the right people, make the necessary eye contact, and speak politely to the […]

Grief- My Dark Hole

I imagine my grief as a dark hole.  Its a hole in a sand pit.  It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s cold, but mostly it’s scary because I cannot see the bottom.  Some days, I hoist my upper body out of the darkness and breathe in fresh air and sunshine, but most days I live just […]

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