Sweet as Sugar (with a Little Bit of Salt)

This little cutie is attached at the hip. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying, like when he’s screaming and clinging to my leg as I’m trying to walk out the door, leaving him in the safety of his dad. Mostly, I like it. He’s my side kick, my bff, and he’s always ready for a snuggle.

As with most toddlers, his affection toward me is unguarded and completely open. Each time I pick him up he leans in to touch heads with me. I call them forehead kisses. It melts my heart and I want to hold onto this age forever.

He also plants his sweet little lips on mine randomly throughout the day. I always say “sweet as sugar” in a loud sing song tone and he laughs and repeats.

I want him to remain this sweet, to be happy and affectionate and full of joy. Life will rob him of this. He will grow up and find interests away from me. That’s the way it works.

Yesterday, he was eating potato chips and grinning broadly because he is a foodie like the rest of us. He leaned in and planted a kiss squarely on my lips.

“Sweet as sugar!” I said and then added “with a bit of salt”.

Ok, you guys are probably like, cute Heather, but lets get to the point now! LOL

The saltiness of the chips made me think about my little Joel growing up and what kind of a man he might be. I feel as if we are constantly training our kids and preparing them for life after us. The world would destroy my sweet little boy if that was all he was-sweet.

I think about his tantrums and smile. Sure, they are frustrating at the time, but they are the process he needs to learn to express and assert himself. I laugh when he tries to kick his older brother off of his favorite chair or refuses to share. These are behaviors that need to be worked on, I’m not saying I think tantrums should be ignored. It’s just that I recognize a fight in him. One we all need to survive this world.

Back to the salt.

Salt is a little zippy, is needed to make most food taste good, and will sting your eyes if you encounter too much. It is used to preserve food, melt ice, and is an essential mineral for all of us.

Jesus says “ye are the salt of the earth”.

I pray my boys are the salt when they grow up. My desire is for them to be strong men of God and responsible, productive members of society.

My goal is to teach them to learn to stand for the truth and not be afraid to follow their convictions. I enjoy talking to people who have a strong opinion and the necessary facts to back their opinion up. Doesn’t matter if it aligns with my own, They have learned to stand up for themselves and have the knowledge to support them.

The world can be a cruel place, but God has given us the fight we need. It’s just a matter of honing it and using it for His glory.

So, the next time your toddler screams and throws himself on the floor or your teenager heads off with you, thank God your child has the fight he needs and send up a prayer for patience and wisdom!

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