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Stylish Mom Clothes- How to Fight the Frump

Ok, friends, I have a confession to make. I think I’ve become frumpy! Yes, five babies, a body that doesn’t resemble what it once was, and an overall lack of knowledge in the stylish mom clothes department have me feeling a little self-conscious.

There are some beautiful women in my town who (even with several children) always look nice. Not necessarily trendy, but “put together”. They are not tugging on an old t-shirt that is too short or constantly sucking in their muffin top (well, there is no way to know that one for sure) but you get what I’m saying, right?

Some women are just better at stylish mom clothes! I am not one of them!

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stylish mom clothes

My Journey with Stylish Mom Clothes

Becoming a mom changes everything, doesn’t it? Most changes are good, but one change I didn’t care for was how my body ended up. I went from having the ability to go into any clothing store and leave with an outfit that fit good and looked good.

I have a baby belly that only serious and dedicated exercise will relieve me of (maybe!) and it is easier to hide it. And what hides that baby belly better than yoga pants? LOL I would love to live in yoga pants, but I fear that is adding to my frumpiness (is that a word?).

I am in serious need of stylish mom clothes.

Anyone else?

I think I found the solution!

How Not to Look Frumpy

I came across Corina at Frump Fighters by accident and she is amazing! She is like me LOL so she did tons of research, figured out classic and comfortable stylish mom pieces, and put together an amazing guide of hundreds of outfit combinations.

This is my answer to how not to look frumpy! I am so excited!

stylish mom clothes

I downloaded the guide to my phone, but you can get a hard copy as well.

How Can I Look Stylish and Comfortable?

Corina gives very simple and specific steps. She is a mom and is aware of what is practical in our every day mom life.

At first, I thought “ya ya I know how to organize too” but once I did them, it all came together and I understood where she was going with it.

  • Purge your closet– get rid of everything you do not like or do not wear. Divide them into 3 piles- archive, donate, throw out.
  • Plan your color scheme– She goes into detail about neutrals, how to figure out which colors you like the best, and how to add other colors to your palette. I personally like blues, purples, pinks and anything in that group. I’m also comfortable in neutrals because I tend to like to “blend in” and while she didn’t say anything about that particular habit of mine, I did see creative ways to add color that won’t make me feel as if I’m drawing much attention to myself.
  • Shop your closet– Once I got rid of the closet clutter, I could see exactly what I had.
  • Try new outfits– With an idea of what I had in my closet (she provides checklists), I scanned the guide to see what combinations I could find.

It was the shop my closet that sold me on the guide. Once I pulled out everything I didn’t wear, didn’t fit me, or I didn’t like, I found pieces that I forgot I had. I realized that I didn’t wear them because I didn’t know how to pair them correctly.

Here is a quick video I made after my first shopping trip. It was so much easier to shop because I knew what was in my closet and then I browsed through the guide to find what items I could buy to pair them with.

stylish mom clothes

Outfit Guides for Moms

Frump Fighters outfit guides for moms has tons of different options to help us figure out stylish mom clothes. She has freebies such as the “Basics Wardrobe Plans for Moms” as well as inexpensive printables such as the “Body Shape Cheat Sheet” and the “What to Wear Outfit Calendar”.

You can also order guides such as the “Stay at Home Mom’s Year Round Outfit Guide” like I did or inexpensive ebooks like “The Stay at Home Mom’s Winter Outfit Guide”

Stylish Mom Clothes Here I Come!

I am super excited about this! These kinds of changes just feel good, don’t they? I hope to take pics and videos as I continue my new “transformation” lol so if you don’t follow me on facebook and instagram yet, please do!

I’d also love to hear back from you in the comments. Do you have any stylish mom clothes advice? What are your go-to outfits? What do you think of Corina’s guides?

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