letter x activities for preschoolers

Simple and Fun Letter X Activities for Preschoolers

I absolutely love teaching preschool. It is simple, little pressure, and fun. Young minds soak up knowledge from every activity turning even the most simple task into a learning experience.

I have taken a different route with letter x activities for preschoolers as I focused on x as an ending sound. I feel as if words such as xylophone do not teach the sound our youngsters need in order to begin their reading journey. They will much sooner be exposed to words such as fox and box.

letter x activites for preschoolers

Engaging Letter X Activities for Preschoolers

In this post, I have tried to provide a well rounded group of activities, worksheets, and books for you to teach your preschooler the letter x. I have also added additional links to other great sites for more ideas.

Letter X Preschool Worksheets

letter x activites for preschoolers
letter x preschool worksheets

Letter X Books

Again, with the exception of X-Ray, I did not focus on x as the beginning letter. I found it was actually a good time to distinguish between beginning and ending sounds. I realized that I hadn’t done that yet and my son caught on right away (high five!). If you are looking for letter x books, try these!

The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra Barracca

Jessica’s X- Ray by Pat Zonta

Max and Ruby! We love these books by Rosemary Wells

Mix it up by Herve Tullet

Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss

Fox on a Box part of the Usborne Phonics Readers. This is an excellent series. We have quite a few in this series and I’ve read them over and over with my beginner readers.

Letter X Coloring Pages

Letter x activities for preschoolers should include a couple of coloring pages 🙂 How cute are these numbers with eyes?! I feel like I need to put them up on the wall.

letter x coloring pages
letter x activities for preschoolers
letter x coloring pages

Crafts for the Letter X

Crafts for the letter x are not quite as plentiful as some of the other letters, but we had some fun this week 🙂

I heart Crafty Things. has the cutest fox crafts!

Mix primary colors. Since it is spring, we made this pretty flower after we learned about mixing colors and painted x’s. It was a great way to learn about primary and secondary colors.

crafts for the letter x

AND your typical x-ray craft with black paper, white crayon, and q-tips 🙂

crafts for the letter x

What are Your Favorite Letter X Activities for Preschoolers?

I know the letter x is a little tricky, but did you find ideas that you like? I hope so! If you have letter x activities for preschoolers that are your go-to’s, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! The more ideas for this tricky letter, the better! Right?!

For the other letters in the series hop over to Preschool Alphabet Series!

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