Poetry is a wonderful addition to reading material which encourages a surprising number of skills for young learners. If you are looking for printable poems for kids, you are in the right place! This poems are seasonal making them fun and light hearted. The coloring books are simple and provide a place for kids to explore poetry themselves.

printable poems for kids

Spring Poems for Kids

Spring is my favorite season and why not celebrate with these fun spring poems for kids? These spring poems for kids are a nice collection geared toward elementary aged students. A few are sing-songy and a few are serious.

This collection of 10 coloring pages includes a cover page, 7 coloring pages with spring poems, and 2 coloring pages which leave a spot open for kids to write their own poems.

spring poems for kids

Fall Poem for Kids

With an emphasis on falling leaves, apples and pumpkins, these fall poems for kids are sure to put you in the mood for fall! Help your young learners embrace the season with these fun coloring pages.

This 14 page coloring book will make even the most reluctant reader smile with fun images to color and uplifting poems. This coloring book contains 2 pages for students to write their own poems.

printable poems coloring pages

Winter Poems for Kids

Why not stay inside and read poetry while the wind howls outside? Or more realistically, let’s help our kids become better readers and more expressive writers with these fun winter poems for kids.

Your students will love this collection of winter poems (8 pages in all).

printable poems for kids

Importance of Poetry

Or why should we encourage poetry at all? I can hear some of you parents groaning. Not only do we need to read with them for 30 minutes a day, but we have to include sing-song rhyming poems too?

And those of you who have bad memories of poems from High School Literature, let’s find ways to make poetry enjoyable and understandable for our kids!

How does poetry help our children?

  • Poetry helps build early literacy skills
  • Poetry raises a child’s awareness of words
  • Poetry grows children’s vocabulary
  • Poetry makes children better learners
  • Poetry gives kids an outlet for their thoughts and feelings

Printable Poems for Kids

I hope you have found what you are looking for with these printable poems for kids! If you are not interested in the coloring books, I do have the poems in blog posts and you are welcoming to use them from the post itself.

15 Delightful Spring Poems for Children

14 Autumn Poems for Put You in the Mood or Fall

14 Delightful Winter Poems for Kids of All Ages

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