preschool activities for the letter H

Preschool Activities for the Letter H

Welcome to H week ? This post is full of fun and engaging preschool activities for the letter H, all tested and tried on my 4 year old. He is so excited about “doing school” with the older kids that his enthusiasm is contagious.

When my older children were in preschool I began teaching them the alphabet through this letter a week system and it worked so well that I am now on child number four and still happy with the system.

So, how do I teach the letter H to preschoolers? Come along on this adventure 🙂

preschool activities for the letter H

Letter H Activities for Preschool

I would like to share with you our letter H activities for preschool. These include:

  • Letter H preschool worksheets
  • Letter H books
  • Letter H arts and crafts

While we often get stuck on tangible items that begin with the letter H, be sure to include conversations with your preschooler about more abstract nouns such as happy, hot, hungry etc. These letter H activities can be just as fun and can open up the best conversations.

I hope you find this post helpful and a launching pad for your own awesome ideas and lesson plans.

Letter H Preschool Worksheets

Does your preschooler enjoy worksheets? Some like the busy work and others are not ready to sit still. For those who enjoy a quiet time activity check out these letter H preschool worksheets.

The first two worksheets are for letter recognition. Both capital and lowercase letters are used as well as different fonts. The first one can be used with a dot marker and the second has a place to trace the letters if your preschooler is ready.

letter H worksheets
preschool activities for the letter H

Here are three more free letter H preschool worksheets for you to download. These worksheets include tracing, number practice, coloring, and name practice.

preschool activities for the letter H

Letter H Books

My favorite letter H activity is reading books. There is nothing quite like snuggling up together on the couch reading and learning.

We all know the importance of reading to our children. This list contains several beginning reading level books. My preschooler enjoys opening the flaps on “Hen’s Pens” while my favorite in this list is “A Little Prairie House”. My three-year-old is all about “Hand Hand Finger Thumb”.

Hen’s Pens by Phil Roxbee-Cox

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Old Hat New Hat by Stan and Jan Berentain

A Little Prairie House (picture book) by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hand Hand Finger Thumb by Al Perkins

The Napping House by Audrey Wood

Letter H Arts and Crafts

There is a wide range of fun letter H arts and crafts. So many, in fact, that I didn’t get to half of what I had planned.

letter H arts and crafts

H is for hair! Check out our people with pine needle hair! You could do this craft with grass, yarn (though we find yarn difficult to glue) or ribbon.

preschool activities for the letter H

H is also for heart 🙂 We worked on patterns, cutting, accordian folding, and gluing.

letter H arts and crafts

H is for house and happy. I had originally meant to put together a cutting/gluing activity, but when I saw him outside playing with these rocks, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go with his interest.

A Few More Preschool Activities for the Letter H

I would have loved to continue with the letter H, but we ran out of time. For more preschool activities for the letter H, check out these great posts!

Check out this super cute 3D Paper House Craft by Kids Craft Room.

Homeschool Preschool has some awesome ideas in 12 Delightful Letter h Horse Crafts for Kids of All Ages.

What are you excited to try with your preschooler for H week? I’d love for you to share how it goes with me in the comments below. And if you have any other great ideas, include those in the comments also! We can all learn from each other 🙂

preschool worksheets

To check out the other letters in the series, hop over to Preschool Alphabet Series!

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