preschool activities for the letter D

Fun and Creative Preschool Activities for the Letter D

Welcome to another week of letters ? This post is full of fun and engaging preschool activities for the letter D, all tested and tried on my 4 year old. He is so excited about “doing school” with the older kids that his enthusiasm is contagious.

When my older children were in preschool I began teaching them the alphabet through this letter a week system and it worked so well that I am now on child number four and still happy with the system.

D is for Duck and Many other Preschool Activities for the Letter D

I think most people think of dog or duck when they think of preschool activities for the letter D. Personally, I think of donuts 🙂 My four-year old would say dinosaurs because we are all about dinosaurs right now.

This post is intended to give you fun ideas that you can alter to fit your routine and your child’s interests. Included here are:

  • Letter D activities
  • Letter recognition worksheets
  • Letter D preschool worksheets
  • Letter D books
  • Letter D art
preschool activities for the letter D

Letter D Activities

What is an activity that starts with D? This is all about making the letters “stick” and this age learns best with hands-on and at play.

Letter D activities are fun because of the number of animals that lend themselves to learning activities. Does your preschooler have a favorite animal that begins with the letter D? Mine is all about dinosaurs, but I was able to interest him in a few others as well 🙂

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Learn about dogs
  • Learn about dolphins
  • Read about dinosaurs and stomp around the house
  • Dice games. As you can see from the photo above, we are still using the apple numbers from letter A week. I bought 2 packs of dice at the dollar store and we were counting dots and matching numbers.
  • Make donuts. Do you like to bake with your kids? We recently bought a donut pan and it is so much fun! Check out these donut recipes from Super Healthy Kids and Mess for Less.
  • Dominos I don’t know that we ever play this game the way it is intended. We enjoy matching numbers, stacking them, and lining them up and knocking them over.
  • Deer is another good animal for preschool activities for the letter D

Letter D Preschool Worksheets

Letter D activities for preschool do not have to be limited to fun and games. If you need “quiet time” or “seat work” these Letter D preschool worksheets are perfect. Both of these letter D preschool worksheets teach letter identification. I have two different printables. One includes tracing the letters if your child is ready for it.

letter D preschool worksheets
letter D preschool worksheets

You can also download the entire alphabet of both of these letter recognition preschool worksheets to have handy whenever you need a quiet activity.

I also have three letter D preschool worksheets available for you to print if you and your child would enjoy them! These letter D preschool worksheets focus on numbers, tracing, and coloring.

Letter D Books

My favorite letter D activity is reading books together. For me, snuggling up together on the couch is a great way to connect and learn at the same time.

Letter D books are great for preschoolers as there is a variety of likable themes! Dinosaurs, dolphins, and dump trucks. Our favorite in this group of letter D books is The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith.

How Do Dinosaurs Series by Jane Yolen

The Little Dump Truck by Margery Cuyler

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith

Nat Geo Kids Dolphins by Melissa Stewart

preschool worksheets

Letter D Art

Of course, letter D activities have to include some kind of craft. Doesn’t any preschool project?

For letter D art, we tried making a handprint duck. It was a cute idea but it did not turn out. We did create this adorable dinosaur and then pulled out the playdoh and made donuts 🙂

preschool activities for the letter D

This is a great letter D art activity for dinosaurs. My son loved this clay dinosaur kit and spent quite a bit of time on it. I will probably buy him a second kit for next year because I know he wanted to make more than three 🙂

Creativity for Kids Create with Clay Dinosaurs - Build 3 Dinosaur Figures with Modeling Clay

More Fun Resources for Preschool Activities for the Letter D

Preschool is a great age! I enjoy teaching them because they are ready to jump on board anything that remotely resembles fun. All kids are different, some enjoy worksheets while others can’t sit still long enough to trace their names, but at this age, all pressure is off. When provided a stress-free learning environment your child will pick up on everything you are trying to teach and much more!

Here are a few more websites that provide preschool activities for the letter D. I would love for you to comment below about what ideas you liked and what your child is interested in. I’m always looking to expand these lists to give busy parents and teachers as many easy activities as possible!


My Preschool Letter Activities Board on Pinterest has lots of great ideas!

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