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12 (or more!) Preschool Activities for the Letter C

Welcome to another week of letters 🙂 This post is full of fun and engaging preschool activities for the letter c, all tested and tried on my 4 year old. He is so excited about “doing school” with the other kids that his enthusiasm is contagious.

When my older children were in preschool I began teaching them the alphabet through this letter a week system and it worked so well that I am now on child number four and still happy with the system.

How do I teach my child the letter C? Come along with me and let the adventure begin!

preschool activities for the letter c

Preschool Activities for the Letter C

How do you teach the sound of C? These letter C activities will put your preschooler well on their way to reading. We know that C can make both the “k” sound and the “s” sound. Because this is geared for preschool, all of these letter C activities, focus on C making the “K” sound. This is perfect for beginner CVC words such as cat, can, cap, and cup.

We focused on these areas:

  • Letter recognition printables
  • Books for the letter C
  • Letter C activities and worksheets
  • Letter C arts and crafts
  • Letter C for cooking activities

Letter Recognition Printables

I have tried to include letter C activities that are fun and hands-on as well as activities that can be used for seat work or “quiet time”.

I have two different letter recognition printables for the letter C. Both can be colored, but I created one with circles in case your preschooler enjoys dot markers. If your preschooler is ready to trace letters, one has a place for that as well.

letter recognition worksheet
letter recognition worksheet

I have these printables for every letter of the alphabet as well. If you are interested in printing off other letters or would like to check out other free printables click the image below!

Books for the Letter C

In my opinion, the best letter C activity is reading. Like with any good reading program, books are the base and we all know how important reading to our children is for developing skills. These are our favorite books for the letter C.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Corduroy by Don Freeman

Letter C Activities and Worksheets

preschool activities for the letter C

For preschool activities for the letter C, we played with cars A LOT. We have MANY of them and we turned them into counting and sorting activities. You can tell by his big smile how much he enjoyed this one! We used the same little apple numbers from A week. You can download them from Learning the Letter A if you want 🙂

No Time for Flashcards has 19 great crafts to make with the car theme in case you are looking for more vehicle activities.

These simple letter C worksheets are perfect for a quiet time activity or for when your preschooler wants to do school. Click the image to download three different letter C worksheets.

letter c activities and worksheets

Letter C Arts and Crafts

preschool activities for the letter c

Letter C arts and crafts found us playing with cotton balls. This started out as a cloud and I’m not sure what happened from there! He did have fun and that’s what matters, right?

Painting with cotton balls was a hit as well. Use a clothespin as a handle and dip the cotton ball into paint. We started with the letter C and then my preschooler went on to paint flowers and clouds. He loved this new way of painting!

preschool activities for the letter c

We enjoy growing carrots in our garden. We usually grow the rainbow variety. Few fall activities are more fun than finally pulling the long-awaited for carrots from the ground and guessing not only their size but their color.

During this carrot activity, we had a long discussion about root crops. I drew triangles onto orange construction paper and smaller ones onto green. My preschooler cut them all out himself and then cut slits onto the “tops” to make them look more like carrot greens.

Letter C arts and crafts wouldn’t be complete without a hungry little caterpillar! I used a glass to trace circles in five different colors. He cut them out and glued them onto a piece of paper. I cut a strip of green paper which I had him cut slits into to resemble grass. He drew the face, legs, and antennae.

Growing Book by Book has more great ideas to go along with the Hungry Little Caterpillar

preschool worksheets

Letter C Cooking Activities

Do your kids enjoy helping you in the kitchen? The letter C kind of gives itself to cooking activities, am I right? Including letter c cooking activities into your week will provide a learning opportunity you both will enjoy much more than worksheets 🙂

  • Cookie starts with C! Bake your family’s favorite cookies or try these recipes for new ideas. No Bake Cookies by Two Peas and their Pod and Fluffy Banana Cookies by All Recipes
  • Carrots are one of those foods that some love and some don’t lol Cutting raw carrots into sticks and creating shapes out of them is one fun activity. I love them cooked with a little butter and honey. Our favorite way to eat carrots is in this carrot muffin recipe by Gluten Free Plate.
  • Don’t turn your nose up at cauliflower! Have you tried the cauliflower crust pizza? I have not prepared one from scratch, but you can buy them in the freezer department of your grocery store and they are really tasty. For a fun preschool activity for the letter C, buy a crust and have your child put the sauce and toppings on themselves.
  • Caramel apples are always a great treat!
  • Cucumbers are easy to cut into shapes. Try these vegetable cutters for cute and easy designs!

Thank You for Joining Us on Our Preschool Activities for the Letter C

I hope you have gotten some great ideas from our preschool activities for the letter C! I would love to hear back from you on which ones you can’t wait to try. Also, which books you enjoy for the letter C. We are always looking for new books to add to our collection!


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  1. Thank you Heather, for your post and this website. Such a wonderful journey through your presentation on the letter C. I am eager to try some with the preschoolers.

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