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We live in a small town which is void of many of the exciting stores, theaters, museums etc. of a bigger city.  What we do have, however, is a lovely used books store.  It boasts floor to ceiling shelves teaming with exciting adventures, people, and advice on every page.  The smell of old books and friendly faces gives it a comfy feeling. The carpeted floor is dotted with overflowing boxes awaiting their rightful place on the shelves in their genre.  I am certain that each time I stop by, a new treasure awaits me.

Sadly, I don’t visit nearly as often as I’d like.  Mostly because my kids are as enthusiastic about books as I am and the constant “Mom look at this!” becomes far too loud for me to look at anything!

I did have a chance to go yesterday.  I rarely buy books for myself because I have an addiction to kids books.  Some day I will go back to reading for myself, but right now the lure of pirates and ballerinas, the joy of animals stories, the excitement of solving mysteries in exotic lands, and the wisdom to be had reading about our founding fathers is just as enjoyable to me as it is my kids.  Here are a few of my finds.

I have never seen these before.  They are a collection of short stories from Highlights magazine.  I haven’t read them yet, but will report back once I do!   I am saving them for our 25 books of Christmas in December.  It is becoming challenging to please all age groups, but short stories work well!

If you grew up reading Nancy Drew and are waiting impatiently for your daughters to read them, these are excellent for young readers.  They are so cute!  We have read a few of them aloud and they are worth looking into.  My boys like them just as much as my daughter does.

My eight year old daughter is a horse lover.  Enough said.  😉  I purchased four books in the series for her for $.99 each.

These are to supplement our first and third grade Social Studies curriculum.  Technically, Charles Lindbergh doesn’t fit into our curriculum at all this year, but my husband is a pilot, so we are all kinda drawn to aviator stories 😉

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