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Literature Based Homeschool Curriculum for Young Learners

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The variety of homeschooling styles is not only fun, but somewhat overwhelming. I am abundantly thankful for our freedom to pick and choose what is best for our children and when I stumbled upon the Wisdom Wonder Project, I knew I was ready to embrace literature based homeschool curriculum for my youngest two children. I downloaded the Little Wonders program quickly.

What is Literature Based Curriculum?

Very simply put literature based learning is using literature as a guide to not only develop reading skills, but to also develop analyzing and relating what is being read.

Literature based homeschool curriculum will combine multiple subjects centered around one book, bringing literature to life in multiple ways. This enables young learners to both apply and analyze what they read.

literature based homeschool curriculum

Wisdom Wonder Project

When you first hop onto the Wisdom Wonder Project website, you see right away that they are all about the child. These quotes explain their mission well!

  • Book-based Learning– We believe in great books. Our curriculum centers around reading whole books and extends to lessons & activities based on what we discover between the pages.
  • Classically Inspired– Our program offers classical education with a twist. We combine centuries-old learning traditions with a nonsectarian approach, character-centered values, and an emphasis on play that prepares children to become the great minds of tomorrow.
  • Developmentally Appropriate– Our curricula respects the age of the child and teaches to their stage of development. This not only optimizes learning, but maximizes enjoyment by engaging and meeting the needs of the whole child.
  • Freedom and Flexibility– Designed with all kinds of families in mind, our curriculua lets you teach at a pace that works for you and your child. Our flexible lesson plans allow you to do as much or as little as you desire—without feeling guilty!

What the Wisdom Wonder Project Provides

The Wisdom Wonder Project provides full curriculum for grades 1 and 2 (higher grades are in the works) and well as an amazing hands-on curriculum for preschool and kindergarten.

Everything is found online and most of it can be downloaded. Books have to be purchases or borrowed from the library. Singapore math is used and videos are available.

Each age group has three available programs. You can use them individually or purchase them in a bundle. For example, preschool and kindergarten contain the following:

  • Literature Collection– Reading & discussing great books is a hallmark of our educational model—it’s the main course for our Little Wonders! Engaging in whole picture books, not just excerpts or quotes, unleashes the power of story to children. Lessons are structured around one Book A Week, with activities to make the story come alive.
  • Little Masters Art Collection– Learning the basics—color, line, shape, space, form, value & texture—inspired by famous artists opens up a child’s capacity to actualize their imaginations. Art opens us up to new worlds of possibilities. Learn about an artist every month, explore a piece of their work and activities to apply their techniques. Each monthly unit also includes a book and element inspired by their work.
  • Block Play Collection– It was famed architect Floyd Lloyd Wright’s introduction to Friedrich Froebel’s (the inventor of Kindergarten) blocks that inspired his interest in architecture. Block Play is powerful for developing a child’s imagination and spatial development. Discover the wonders of blocks and the many activities that harness these developmental tools for your child(ren). We’ll walk you through each step so you can engage alongside your child.

We enjoyed something from each of these collections and I cannot decide which we liked the best!

Literature Based Kindergarten Curriculum

While the Wisdom Wonder Project is available for preschool through second grade, we focused on preschool and kindergarten because my kids are 3 and 5.

We read books from both programs and did several of the recommended activities each week.

What I liked most about Wisdom Wonder Project:

  • Well organized with a realistic planning guide
  • Very hands on, embracing tactile learning
  • A nice variety of suggestions for activities outside of the usual arts and crafts
  • Good choices of books
  • Reasonable price

The good news is that you can pay month to month so you can experiment with the program and not commit by paying all at once and then deciding it is not a good fit for your family.

The Wisdom Wonder Project is an excellent option for literature based homeschool curriculum.

wisdom wonder project
These photos are from projects we did to go along with Harold and the Purple Crayon. All three of us enjoyed putting lavendar essential oil in the purple play doh.

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