I am so excited you are here! This is a fun page in which everything is FREE! Who doesn’t love free resources, but even better, those which encourage and inspire you? You will find everything from free Bible studies to Bible verse coloring pages to Bible verse wallpaper for mobile to help keep your mind and thoughts focused on God.

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To download these graphics, click on the image below, choose the graphic, and save it to your phone. You can turn it into wallpaper after that.

Bible Verse Wallpaper for Mobile

I have found it extremely helpful to have Bible verse wallpaper on my cellphone. Every time I receive a text or a phone call, I see the verse. Not only do these verses remind me to pray, but I change them often to match whatever I am going through. That is why I have quite a selection of Bible verse wallpaper for mobile devices available!

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Bible verse wallpaper for Mobile
Click image to download your new wallpaper!

This Bible wallpaper is for a desk top.

Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper for Mobile

I tend to be “wordy” lol. I enjoy talking and reading and I love quotes. Just like the Bible verse wallpaper for mobile devices, I am encouraged by inspirational quotes wallpaper for cellphones. I hope you find a quote that speaks to you!

Free Bible Studies

Whether you have been studying the Bible all your life or are new to your faith, you will find free Bible studies here perfect for morning devotions, coffee breaks, or a quiet moment of meditation and prayer.

Bible study on the book of James

Free Bible Study Topics

This section is for free Bible study topics. Most of them are Bible reading plans to guide you on the path to the answers you are seeking. Sometimes studying the Bible by topic helps to create a bigger, more cohesive picture.

Click image to download your printable 30 days of love Bible reading plan!
Bible verses about healing

It’s no secret that we have a lot to worry about these days with wicked political leaders, a world wide pandemic, and an overall unrest in our country. We need to focus on Christ and his promises to us! Join me with this 30 day Bible reading plan to overcome worry!

Inspirational Bible Verses about God’s Love for Kids

31 Days of Joy: Bible Reading Plan

30 Days of Hope: Bible Reading Plan

30 Days of Miracles Bible Reading Plan

Free Bible Journaling Printables

Free Bible journaling printables can cover a wide range of styles and ideas. Whether you need a nice printable to encourage journaling or one which includes verses, I hope you find what you are looking for. I also have a lovely gratitude journal in my shop. Be sure to check it out!

Printable Scripture Writing Plan

I have found that I meditate best on scriptures when I physically write them out. It provides a distraction free minute to analyze each word. I am a huge fan of printable scripture writing plans.

printable scripture writing plan
New Beginnings scripture writing plan. Click image above to download.
printable scripture writing plan

Printable scripture writing plans help me focus on little gems in the Bible and meditate on them throughout the day. Here is a two week scripture writing plan based on God’s love. Click image to print 🙂

Free Prayer Printables

Prayer is a vast topic and so needed. These free prayer printables will encourage your prayer life and grow your faith. Whether you are struggling to learn how to pray or need to pray more effectively, these free prayer printables will help you make it a priority and overcome obstacles.

Prayer Against Negativity Bundle

27 Best Prayer Resources to Help You Pray Strategically

Praying Over Your Marriage Printable Verse Cards

HEARTS Prayer Guide

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

bible verse coloring pages
Click image to be taken to Bible Verses Coloring Pages Folder
Click on the graphic to download this coloring page.
This week’s freebie is for the younger people in our lives 🙂 It owuld make a great family devotion activity! Click image to download.

Kingdom Bloggers has beautiful Bible verse coloring pages. Be sure to check out her lovely free printables!

Scripture Coloring Pages for Kids

Whether you are working on Bible memory verses or simply looking for a coloring page to reinforce a Bible lesson, I hope these scripture coloring pages for kids will have what you are looking for.

scripture coloring pages for kids
Click on image to be taken to scripture coloring pages for kids folder.

Be sure to check out my Free Printables for Kids page as well!

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