I Offer to You my Hand

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “offer”.

It was a beautiful summer day 15 years ago. I was hiking along a river with my new friend. The water glistened as sun reflected off of it and a gentle spray touched my face. We were climbing among the large rocks that lined the river. My friend was carefully picking his way through the jagged places and I followed in his footsteps. We reached a large boulder and with a bit of effort, he shimmied up and then turned around and offered me his hand to help me to the top.

All these years later I still rely on that hand to help me. That friend chose me to walk with him through life and I am abundantly thankful that he did!

This morning, as I was impatiently waiting for my coffee and pondering the word “offer” it occured to me that offering your hand in friendship is one of the nicest gifts you can give to someone.

We all need someone to cheer with us, encourage us when we are down, and care for us when life gets hard. Life can be great and it’s better when we share that greatness, but life can also be hard. When we have a friend offering to walk through the hard places with us, it lifts the burden just a bit.

When I reached for the hand offered to me that day, little did I know the joys and sorrows, fears and successes we would share. Nor did I know that love deepens with the years.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”. We all know that verse, but how many of us actually reach out in a personal way?

So, dear friends, I challenge you today, to offer your hand in friendship to someone and make their life a little bit better!

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11 thoughts on “I Offer to You my Hand”

  1. What a beautiful, encouraging post! May we all offer the hand of friendship willingly as God brings people into our lives! Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Heather.

    I found your blog through the Five-Minute Friday website. It was my first time visiting the site, and I thought I would check out a few of the blogs. I don’t think I’ll post anything for this prompt – I’m just getting a feel for the site.

    I enjoyed your post and your writing style. I’m looking for some encouragement and caring in my writing right now, so I’m looking forward to meeting more bloggers through FMF.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come again and I will keep an eye open for you in future link ups!

  3. Glad to be FMF neighbours again today! Yes, the hand of friendship and the willingness to walk alongside one another through life’s trials are some of the most valuable gifts we can offer!

    1. Happy Friday again! I will come visit you later today. I’ve found that blogging friends can be valuable as well!

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