I love you more

I Love You More

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “more”.

I used to play this little game with Rebekah at bedtime every night. I’d tuck her in under her purple comforter, set her doll next to her, and kiss her good night. As I turned out the light, I’d say “I love you!” and head to her brother’s room.

Without fail, she’d call “I love you more!” and then I’d say “No, I love YOU more!”

This little exchange would go back and forth for a minute and then I’d have to tell her to “go to sleep!”.

If only I could hear her sing song voice caling, “I love you more” just once more.

I’ve seen a dozen “exhausted mom” posts floating around recently. These always bring me to tears because, lets face it, I’m pretty tired too. Homeschooling older kids while taking care of younger, trying to keep on top of the messes and everyone in clean clothes, as well as running to various activities and cooking healthy food. Yes, these articles are totally needed, but I am wondering something.

Are we getting so caught up in taking care of our kids that we are forgetting what is most important?

Are we loving them more?

Yes, my kids need to learn to read and balance a check book. Yes, they enjoy piano and I’m loving listening to them play more complicated songs. Yes, swim lessons provides a necessary skill.

But maybe we have caused our own exhaustion. Maybe our focus has been on providing everything we think they need, when all they require is for us to love them more?

So, I challenge you today, to focus only on loving your child more. Skip the activities, put aside your phone, snuggle with your baby all morning. Whatever, loving your child more looks like to you, just do it because this moment is only here right now and may never return.

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  1. I still play that game with my kids :). But we do it via phone or FaceTime (and we do it in Spanish 😉 ). I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine. I’m glad you have precious memories to cling to, as well as your faith.

  2. Beautiful, touching post. We have a bond, dear Mama. My son passed away at age 8–it has been many years since then (1989). I clung to the knowledge that God knows our pain.

    1. Hugs to you dear Mama! I am sorry that you have also known such overwhelming pain. My Rebekah was the same age as your son. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. These are wise words – it is easy to get caught up with other concerns but it is love that really matters.

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