How do You Measure Success?

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “measure”

So, I ask you, in today’s crazy world of comparison traps, how do you personally measure success?

I think it will look different for each of us, right? My life is different than yours and my situations are unique to me.

As a homeschooling mom I am often battling the temptation to measure my success on how bright my kids are. I imagine other moms are fighting their own temptations to measure their parenting success by how their kids excel in education, sports, music, etc.

Success can be measured in how much money one makes or the level of power they hold in their company.

Physical success is often sought after. The mom of three sporting flat abs or the products applied to make us look better than we actually do.

What if we took a step back and measured what is important to us and to those we love? Would that change how we measure success or where we put priorities? I’m not saying any of the above mentioned goals are wrong, I’m just wondering if we stopped comparing ourselves to others, if we would measure our success differently?

Before the Apostle Paul is put to death he looks back over his life. He does not tally up the number of churches he started or the faithful followers of Christ who were saved because of his efforts. He says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”

Kept the faith. In the end, this great man of God measured his success by “I have kept the faith”.

Solomon, one of the greatest kings to ever live (by success standards), looks back over his life and declares, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man”

Fear God and keep His commandments.

So, dear friends, I ask you again, how do you personally measure success?

And I have to stop now because I’ve already gone past my five minutes lol Sorry Kate!

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9 thoughts on “How do You Measure Success?”

  1. The way that I count success
    is through working toward a goal
    in spite of the hard bloody mess
    of cancer’s fearful toll.
    I thought last night as far the worst
    but this morning I may die.
    I know, now, I can’t be cursed
    if I’ve still got the will to try.
    Every step on the chosen road
    is another victory
    even though the frightful load
    makes me stop, and take a knee.
    But I’ll rise again, and feel no loss;
    there’s Someone helping with my Cross.

  2. It is so true. I am not sure how I measure success or even if I do. As I sat thinking a bit on this, I realized this is probably because by the world’s standards, I am anything but successful. And yet by God’s standard, I am right where I am to be and to me, this is success. May we be faithful to the people He has given to us and to the places He has put us. So glad to have stopped here this morning!

    1. I think you nailed it when you said “may we be faithful to the people He has given to us and to the places He has put us”! Thanks for stopping by!

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