Hagar: A Lonely Woman Seen By God

I am so excited to introduce you to Karen from Warrior Women Blog! She volunteered to write this next addition to the Mothers of the Bible Series and did such an amazing job. By the time I finished reading this story about Hagar, I found myself in tears, completing relating to this woman from thousands of years ago.

I know you will be just as blessed as I am!

Who is Hagar in the Bible?

We find the story of Hagar in Genesis 16; 21:9-17; 25:12; and Galations 4:24 and 25. Hagar is the Egyptian slave of Abraham’s wife Sarah.

God promised Sarah and her husband, Abraham, a child. Because they were older Sarah doubted God’s promise and gave her handmaid to her husband to have a child.

Have you ever tried to run ahead of God and work things out for yourself? I know I have.

What happened to Hagar?

Sarah used Hagar to have a child because she did not trust God’s plan or timing. Hagar did not help this situation because she was ugly to Sarah.

Since Hagar was ugly to Sarah, Sarah was hard on her. In her desperation Hagar ran away. She wanted to run away from her situation.

Hagar was alone and lonely. She was running from a boss who was not nice to her. And she was running from a situation she could not change.

Why is Hagar’s story important to me today?

I love the story of Hagar! I can so relate to her and Sarah. Can you?

Have you ever tried to run ahead of God and manipulate people or situations?  Maybe you are tired of waiting on God to answer your prayers.

Or are you like Hagar?  Are you in a situation you have no control over?  Are you ready to run away?

Hagar was a lonely woman in a bad situation and running away.  The beauty of her story is that in her desperation to run away God met her where she was.

Not only once, but twice!

God sent an angel to comfort Hagar.  He gave her His divine instruction and promise of protection.  How comforting!

Hagar’s response is one of faith.  Even though she was a lonely woman, pregnant and far from home she knew in that moment that God saw her.

As a matter of fact Hagar named the well where she was at “Beth-lahairoi”.  This means “The well of Him that liveth and seeth me.”

At that moment she knew that even in her broken and lonely state the God of the universe saw her. He knew all about her and her situation.

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The faith of a lonely woman

The fact that God saw her in her broken and lonely state is comforting. The fact He sent His angel to comfort her shows how close she was to His presence. But now it gets even better!

From Hagar’s perspective it did not seem to get better. Her situation was going from bad to worse. Spoiler, some of this was her fault.

Not only was she a slave, used by her boss, put in a situation she had no control over, now she was about to loose her job and home.

It was 14 years from the time her son was born to the time God fulfilled His promise and gave Sarah and Abraham a son.

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During this time she was not nice to Sarah either. Then when Sarah’s son was born and as he grew Hagar’s son would tease him.

Now part of that is how siblings are. Regardless, Sarah did not appreciate it and begged Abraham to throw Hagar and her son out.

(And he does it! Seriously, i just want someone in this story to stand up for what is right and tell Sarah “no”)

Abraham throws Hagar and her son out of the house. Now she is out of a job and homeless.

She is forced to roam with only her son. Talk about feeling lonely and broken.

But again, God shows up in a big way!

lonely woman

Abraham only gives them a few provisions when they leave and now those are gone. They are both tired and her son is about dead from starvation and thirst.

Hagar puts him in the shade, under a bush to rest as any loving mother would. And she goes off and cries.

How many times have you gone off alone outside, to the bathroom, or gone for a ride in your car so you can cry and let it all out?

As women we often feel the need to be strong for everyone else and especially our children. Sometimes we just need to cry. To let all the anger, and hurt and brokenness spill out of our eyes and fall down our cheeks.

We need to yell and cry out asking “why?” and “what is going to happen now?”

This is where Hagar found herself. A jobless, homeless, single mom with a dying son. Talk about lonely!

If you have ever found yourself in a lonely, desperate situation like Hagar, keep reading!

It is right now, right when Hagar has had about all she can take and is ready to give up that God shows up right on time.

Her sad, lonely, desperate situation is God’s opportunity. He uses Hagar and her story to comfort us. He shows us through Hagar’s loneliness that He sees us too!

While Hagar was sitting away from her son crying God heard her. “And God heard the voice of the boy, and the angel of God called to Hagar from heaven and said to her, “What troubles you, Hagar? Fear no, for God has heard the voice of the boy where he is.” Genesis 21:17

“Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water.” Genesis 21:19

So take heart my friend! God sees you. He knows you and sees your tears.

Hagar is so much like us today.

  • She gave into temptation with Abraham
  • She ran away when times were hard
  • She had to swallow her pride when she didn’t want to
  • She acted unkind to her boss
  • She reaped the consequences of her actions by loosing her job and home
  • But Hagar’s life teaches us that God has a divine purpose for everyone’s life.

God cares for us even when we cause our own trouble. God is gracious and kind even when His methods seem harsh.

His promises are true and His plan and timing are always right.

Hagar goes on to have other children and grand children. Her son is the father of a nation.

If you find that you can relate to Hagar then find comfort in her story. God knows you and He sees you in your times of loneliness. He meets you where you are, He comforts you and He has a plan for your life!

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  1. the bible didn say that Sarah thought Hagar was ugly, Perhaps you mean acting ugly, She surely got beside herself when she found out she was pregnant. But, this was as much Sarah fault as Hagar,
    and what ever happened to this boy being Sarah and Abraham’s child? When Sarah had her own child she sent that boy away, because now she has her own child. That was wrong in every way. But because God is just He provided for the slave woman and her son and made him fruitful twelve princes or tribes descended from him and God made Him a great nation.

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