preschool activities for the letter b

Fun Preschool Activities for the Letter B

Welcome to another fun preschool week! Today we are focusing on preschool activities for the letter B. What words start with B for kids?

Butterflies, bats, bees, baskets, boy, bubbles, bugs, boots, brownies, buttons, books. The list is endless! If you have a child in preschool or kindergarten and are looking for some fun preschool activities for the letter B, you’ve come to the right place!

We are in our second week of the LOTW (letter of the week) method of teaching the alphabet and so far it has been a hit with my four year old.

preschool activities for the letter b

Preschool Activities for the Letter B

What are some activities that start with B? If you are an early education teacher, proud mama, or homeschooling mom, this post is sure to give you tons of ideas!

Preschool activities for the letter B are endless because so many nouns begin with B! Below are suggestions for letter B arts and crafts, bubble recipes, book suggestions, as well as worksheets and printables.

Bubble Recipes

Do you want to start B week off with a “bang”? Bubbles are a great idea! What kid does not like to blow bubbles (or chase them, pop them, and catch them in those sweet little hands)? It is especially nice to combine outside play with preschool activities. Here are a few fun bubble recipes from other bloggers to get you started.

Happy Hooligans Homemade Giant Bubbles

Homemade Bubbles from Artful Parent uses sugar in their recipe.

preschool worksheets

Letter B Crafts for Preschoolers

Any post on letter B activities would not be complete without arts and crafts! I will be honest, I am not super crafty so each of these letter B crafts for preschoolers is simple (plus, no 4 year old wants to dos omething hard, this is supposed to be fun). A few of them do require prep. If your preschooer is good with a scissors, they could cut it themselves, but if fine motor is not their strength just yet, they will need you to cut some of it.

We made this adorable bee. I simply drew the circles freehand and my preschooler cut them out, drew the face and lines on the bee, and glued it to a popsicle stick. Now that I think about it, we should’ve added a little triangle stinger on its backend 🙂

letter b arts and crafts

Cheerio letters are a favorite of ours. This works for all alphabet letters and makes a great quiet time activity for when you are working with your older kids. You can also use popcorn, stickers, dried beans (considering this is letter b arts and crafts!) pom-poms etc.

Another option for this one is cotton ball painting. (See letter C for an activity we thoroughly enjoyed!)

letter b arts and crafts

B is for bus is a fun and easy craft from There’s Just One Mommy. I cut the pieces out and gave them to my preschooler in a pile with instructions to assemble and glue and bus. He loved this idea! You could also cut out individiual parts of a butterfly, bug, or bird and have your preschooler assemble and glue.

letter b arts and crafts

Letter B Books

My favorite letter B activity is reading. Snuggling up on the couch and exploring books together combines both learning and an emotional connection. It is a healthy win win!

It is no secret that reading to your child is the best way to prepare them for reading themselves. It also gives you an opportunity to point out the letter B or have them find it themselves (especially in the title).

Letter B books are engaging as they include a lot of animals such as bats, bears, bugs, and bees. This also provides fun preschool activities for the letter b (keep reading!)

Here are a few letter B books that we enjoyed this year.

  • Bats at the Library by Brian Lies
  • Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies
  • Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies
  • Berenstain Bears books by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Backyard Bug Book for Kids by Lauren Davidson
  • Amazing Bees by Sue Unstead
  • Sleep Big Bear Sleep by Maureen Wright

Letter B Preschool Worksheets

I have tow different types of letter B preschool worksheets. Two teach letter discrimination and the sound of B while the other two focus on the sound of B and fine motor.

These letter b activities work with the colors blue, black, and brown. Stacking colored duplos would make a good additional activity to go along with these worksheets.

preschool activities for the letter B
preschool activities for the letter B

Find the Letter B

Find the letter B worksheets are great as it teaches letter discrimination as well as familiarizes your preschooler with other letters. Both of these are created for your child to color in the letter B. Different fonts are used to help them learn to discriminate. The better b worksheet with the circles could also be used with a dot marker or if your child is able, an x can be drawn through it.

Click the worksheets to download.

find the letter b worksheets

If you are looking for find the letter printables for the entire alphabet, click the image below. These include each letter in two different worksheets. One includes tracing the letters to give even more practice.


More Letter B Activities

Need a few more ideas for preschool activities for the letter B? Your preschooler learns best through play. Embrace play this week as you explore the letter B.

  • How about raising a butterfly? This is one of our favorite summer activities! Check out How to Raise a Butterfly for details.
  • Blocks, blocks, and blocks 🙂 Preschool activities for the letter b wouldn’t be complete without wooden blocks or mega blocks or duplos!
  • Barbie also starts with B! Round up those girls and have them join you for school!
  • Build a bat house. I am terrified of bats myself, but did you know that they are actually very helpful little mammals? Home Depot has a kit designed with kids in mind.
  • B is for banana. How about banana splits or banana sushi (spread peanut butter on a tortilla, put peeled banana into it and wrap it up, cut into slices to resemble sushi).
  • Balloon starts with b 🙂 Now might be a good idea to blow up some blue, brown, or black balloons and toss them around.
  • Bible also starts with the letter B! Check out my shop for some great free coloring pages or my devotions category for a few ideas, expecially if you also have older kids.

Preschool Activities for the Letter B

How fun was this, seriously? Preschool activities for the letter b are interesting and give your child room to explore and learn. It also gives opportunity for a lot of outside time as your child explores bugs and God’s creation. (for more on exploring God’s creation check out this post about teaching your kids to connect with God through nature).

What other items start with B that we can include in B week? What activities do you plan on incorporating into your preschool lesson plans for the week? I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments below!

Check out more great ideas with the rest of the letters in this series by hopping over to Preschool Alphabet Series!

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