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Fun Letter F Activities for Preschoolers

Welcome to another week of letters! This post is full of fun and engaging letter F activities for preschoolers, all tested and tried on my 4-year-old. He is so excited about “doing school” with the older kids that his enthusiasm is contagious.

When my older children were in preschool I began teaching them the alphabet through this letter a week system and it worked so well that I am now on child number four and still happy with the system.

Why the letter of the week program? I think I enjoy it because it is a slow pace providing lots of time for engaging activities. Filling the week with books, physical activities, exploring animals and nature, learning about a huge variety of foods as well as all of the necessary early learning skills (letter recognition, phonetic sounds, opposites, fine motor, numbers).

If you have older kids or a classroom full of preschoolers this post is meant to help you quickly plan. Too often we get bogged down with the prep and don’t get to all of the fun activities we would like or we don’t have time for the prep and we end up skipping crafts and projects.

Ok! Enough chatting, let’s get started on letter F activities!

So, how do you teach the letter F? What activities start with F? What words start with F for kids? We are going to cover all of these questions and make this letter of the week the best yet!

letter f activities

A Letter A Week: Letter F Activities

Preschool is meant to make learning fun using their senses, plugging into their natural curiosity, and harnessing some of that endless energy. Letter F activities include all of this.

Letter F brings all kinds of fun activities to mind! Far too many to list here, but I will help you brainstorm a bit! Letter F activities could include these nouns:

  • fireman (maybe arrange a field trip)
  • firetrucks (we love this firetruck puzzle)
  • fairies
  • frogs
  • fruit
  • food groups
  • fish
  • fingerprint drawings
  • friends
  • fireflies
  • finger paint (try this homemade recipe by Tinkerlab)
preschool worksheets

Letter F Worksheets

Some people have strong opinions on preschool worksheets. Some feel it is important while others believe preschoolers are not meant to sit still. I say it depends on your child! Some kids will enjoy these letter F worksheets while others are simply not wired to sit still at this age. Do what is best for your preschooler!

I have two different letter F worksheets for letter recognition. One can be used with a dot marker if your preschooler enjoys them and the other has a place for them to trace the letter if they are ready.

letter F worksheet
letter F worksheet

Are you interested in printing out free printables for the entire alphabet? Subscribe to my weekly email, and download them all!

The fun thing about worksheets is that you can work on a variety of skills. Coloring, cutting, opposites, letter sounds, numbers etc. They also make great quiet time activities while you work with other children.

Check out three more great letter F worksheets. One is a fireman to color, one is a number activity with frogs, and the third is a cutting activity with the opposites slow and fast. Click the image for these free printables.

letter F activities

Letter F Crafts

What are some creative activities for the letter F? You can’t get more creative than some of these Letter F crafts 🙂 I must confess that I am NOT a crafty person, but we loved the handprint fish art. You can go so many different directions!

For more letter F crafts, check out the Measured Mom where she has a variety of activities using feathers, flowers, and food.

Planning Playtime has a fun F craft for “french fries”.

Handprint Fish Art

There are some great ideas out there for handprint fish art! We made two different fish for our letter F activities. For the first, I traced their hands (my three-year-old does most of these projects with us) on patterned scrapbook paper and cut them out. They added the eyes and mouths. On the second, I painted their hands and added the eys while the paint was wet.

F is for Fruit

My kids are hearty eaters so any letter F activity that involves food is sure to be a hit! I took this opportunity to discuss food groups, healthy choices, and not so healthy choices, and then had a little fun in the kitchen.

Here are a few fun fruit recipes to try with your preschooler.

Healthy Fruit Pizza Recipe by Super Healthy Kids

Kid Friendly Fruit Salad by All Recipes

Kid Friendly Fruit Kabobs by Beautifully Broken Journey

Technically, food also starts with F so any opportunity you have to cook or food prep with your preschooler, do it this week! It would also be a great time to introduce some unusual foods or different ethnic foods.

More conversations could include where our food comes from. Which foods grow on trees? Which grow under the ground? What food comes from chickens?


Books for the Letter F

My favorite letter F activity is reading books. Snuggling on the couch reading and learning together creates a wonderful emotional connection.

We all know how important reading is to our kids. Preschoolers are wonderful to read to as their imaginations are in full bloom and they are interested in a wide variety of subjects as their curiosity soars.

These are some of the books we read for the letter F. My favorite is Fill a Bucket by Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin. My preschooler’s favorite is the Adventures of Fireman Frank by Judy E. Bryne. Our copy has been read so often that the cover has fallen off.

The Adventures of Fireman Frank by Judy E Byrne

Fill a Bucket by Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin

A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer

Fancy Nancy Series by Jane O’Conner

The Hungry Fox and the Foxy Duck by Kathleen Leve

Which letter F books did your preschooler enjoy the most? Do you have a letter F book that I should add to the list? Include it in the comments below!

Which Letter F Activity are You Excited About?

I can’t wait to hear what you think about these letter F activities! Which do you think your preschooler will enjoy the most? Does your preschooler like arts and crafts or worksheets or both?

Check out the other letters in the series by hopping over to Preschool Alphabet Series!

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