letter g activities

Fun and Engaging Letter G Activities For Preschool

Welcome to another week of letters? This post is full of fun and engaging letter G activities, all tested and tried on my 4-year-old. He is so excited about “doing school” with the older kids that his enthusiasm is contagious.

When my older children were in preschool I began teaching them the alphabet through this letter a week system and it worked so well that I am now on child number four and still happy with the system.

If you are wondering “how do I teach my child the letter G?” this post is for you. The letter of the week system is fun and moves at a good pace.

letter G activities

Letter G Activities

Making learning fun and helping preschoolers make the connections between words and sounds and the written letter is what the letter of the week is all about!

In this post, we are going over what activities start with the letter G, preschool worksheets including letter identification, and specific letter G worksheets. This post also has a list of books that start with the letter G and of course crafts for the letter G.

Preschool is fun, isn’t it??

Let’s get started!

What Activities Start with the Letter G?

For G week we have action words like “go” and descriptive words such as “good, gray, and green”. We also have a variety of great nouns. Here are a few to get you started:

  • goat
  • grapes
  • girl
  • garden
  • Goldilocks
  • glue
  • goal
  • God

Playing running games like “red light green light” or hands-on projects like planting a garden will go a long way in making the letter G fun and impressionable.

Many preschoolers have trouble coordinating the amount of glue they put on their projects so this would also be a great week to practice gluing. We always say “dot, dot, not a lot” as we are putting glue on our papers.

Letter G Worksheets for Preschool

I have several letter G worksheets for preschool that are free for you to print. The first two are for letter recognition. The first one has a place for your preschooler to trace the letter Gg if he is ready. The second can be colored or your preschooler may enjoy using a dot marker.

letter g activities
letter g worksheets for preschool

The entire alphabet is available in both of these formats. They make a great quiet time activity.

Looking for more interactive letter G worksheets for preschool? Check out these three I have available to download for free.

letter G activities

A quick note on preschool worksheets. I feel as if this can be a sensitive subject for some. There seem to be two different opinions on preschool worksheets. Those that are for it and feel kids should be sitting down working on skills and those that feel this age should never be forced to sit down and “work”.

I say, let your preschooler decide! Some kids will enjoy the structure of these letter G worksheets. They also make great quiet time activities. If you are homeschooling multiple ages or are a preschool teacher with a room full of active 4 year olds, these will come in handy!

Other kids are simply not wired to sit and do worksheets at this age. Let your child lead!

preschool worksheets

Letter G Books

My favorite letter G activity is curling up on the couch with my preschooler and reading together. We all know the importance of reading to our kids. Preschool age is full of fun and colorful picture books with lively stories to embrace your child’s growing imagination, increase their vocabulary and prepare them for learning to read. Here are a few of our favorite letter G books.

Go Dog Go by Dr. Suess

Good Night Good Night Construction Site by Sherri Rinker

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist

My Garden by Kevin Henkes

The Great Gracie Chase by Cynthia Rylant

My favorite is “My Garden” because, well, I love to garden. My boys’ favorite is “Good Night Construction Site”. While the repetition in “Go Dog Go” makes for a boring read for us grown-ups, my kids have picked up quite a few sight words from this book. It also does a wonderful job teaching prepositions.

Letter G Arts and Crafts

Letter G activities would not be complete without letter G arts and crafts. Am I right?!

We played a bit with the opposites go and stop. My preschooler colored the goat head and my 8 year old cut it out for him. Gluing it to a popsicle stick turned it into an easy peasy puppet.

Lastly, he painted this picture of a gumball machine.

The fun thing about preschool arts and crafts is that they are simple and you can mix them up. Print out a simple outline and have them paint it instead of color it with crayons. Draw a shape on black construction paper and let them use chalk as their medium.

This age is sensory-oriented, feed those senses! Keep variety and you will have happy preschoolers.

letter G activities
letter g activities

My goal for this Letter G activities post was to give you are a variety of ideas. If you are looking for more fun crafts, these are great ideas.

Paper Plate Goldfish Bowl by Arty Crafty Kids

Bubble Gum Valentine Craft by Smart School House

Letter G Activities for Preschoolers

Letter G activities for preschoolers could also include things like grapes, gum, goldfish, gold, good/bad opposites, and garden.

I especially like the garden topic. If your weather is not appropriate for planting a garden outside at this time of year, how about planting herbs in pots in the house or even flower seeds?

What kinds of activities does your preschooler enjoy? Do they like worksheets and busy work or are they more hands on and active? I’d love to hear about your letter G activities in the comments below!

What Activities can you do with preschoolers? I have more great ideas 🙂 To check out the other letters in the series, hop over to Preschool Alphabet Series!

Another engaging book with more of an overview is “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. We start the year out with this book, but the kids enjoy it so much that we find ourselves reading it again and again. Because of this enthusiasm, I created a fun printable. You can check it out in the Lessons from Home Shop. I have quite a few fun activities there. I also have a page with kid freebies that you might enjoy.

Bible coloring pages

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