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How to Heal a Diaper Rash Overnight

  Diaper rashes are one of those things that come along with having a baby.  Some kids seem more prone to them and it isn’t a one treatment cures all sort of thing.  Everyone’s skin is different and the causes of the diaper rashes vary. Of my five kids, my daughter (second in the family) […]

How to Keep your Kiddos Healthy this Winter Season

October is health and wellness month here at lessonsfromhome and I’m thrilled to have a fellow blogger share some wellness tips.  I am still posting 31 verses of light through October on fb and would love for you to follow the discussions I will be back to writing faith and grief posts in November.  I […]

Eczema-Tips for Dealing with the Itchy Redness

What is eczema anyway?  Basically it is irritated, inflamed skin.  Causes can vary from irritants to food allergies to simple heredity.  My family is cursed with it and after 7 years of struggle, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned. Micah’s eczema story My sweet baby was 5 months old when the redness started.  It […]

Creamy Harvest Tomato Soup

This Creamy Harvest Tomato Soup recipe came as a result of a need to preserve surplus garden veggies AND because I enjoy tomato soup more than any other.  I freeze it in quart jars and in the cold winter months Caleb and I sip it for lunch out of mugs.  It is like eating from […]

Lessons From My Soccer Star

My ten year old son is just as cute now as when he was a toddler.  The chubby thighs and dimpled hands are gone, replaced by long strong legs and capable fingers.  He no longer refers to cars as “vroom vrooms” and it makes me a little sad that “mama” was replaced with “mom”.  I […]

Toddler Activities-Keep them Busy

I love homeschooling.  I enjoy teaching, planning fun projects, and watching my hard working kids scribbling away at the dining room table. However, as with all things that I love, there come challenges.  How to choose the right curriculum, keep up with my housework, and provide the opportunities that my kids need for educational, social, […]

When Life Gives You Lemons-Make Soup

Hello Friends, I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy as we are having some trouble with that ourselves.  We were sick AGAIN last week.  This time all six of us came down with the flu.  I feel as if I lost an entire week of my life. Looking back, however, on all […]

Dear Defeated Mom,

“It was just a miserable day,” I cried as tears threatened to run down my cheeks. I stared at my husband, who was hundreds of miles away, through my cell phone as I tried to explain why I was about to cry. It came in a long stream of words, none very specific, not nearly […]

Loving My Opposite Child

  We have the same blond hair and blue eyes.  We have the same strong independent spirit, fierce stubbornness, and annoying bossiness, but that is where the similarities end. Loving My Opposite Child She is a girl of extremes, all sunshine and rainbows or all thunder and storm clouds.  I take a more middle of […]

What To Do When You don’t Want To Share

I looked from my 9 year old son to the last brownie on the plate.  I wanted that brownie.  I had plans for it, which included a cup of coffee and uninterrupted quiet time.  I really really wanted that brownie.  I glanced at my son’s hopeful expression, “Can I have the last one?”.  ‘NO!’ was […]

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