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This Mom Sets the Pace

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “pace”. We were camping last weekend, down by the lake. It was beautiful weather, not too hot but just warm enough to swim. We rode bikes, hiked, swam, and threw rocks in the water. At our own pace, no one telling us what to do next or where to […]

God Gave Me Five

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “five”. Funny, the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt was the children’s song “Five Little Indians”. Anyone know it? “one little, two little, three little indians…” Instead of singing the song to you, I thought I’d tell you about my five little blessings. After a […]

Lessons From My Soccer Star

My ten year old son is just as cute now as when he was a toddler.  The chubby thighs and dimpled hands are gone, replaced by long strong legs and capable fingers.  He no longer refers to cars as “vroom vrooms” and it makes me a little sad that “mama” was replaced with “mom”.  I […]

Dear Defeated Mom,

“It was just a miserable day,” I cried as tears threatened to run down my cheeks. I stared at my husband, who was hundreds of miles away, through my cell phone as I tried to explain why I was about to cry. It came in a long stream of words, none very specific, not nearly […]

Loving My Opposite Child

  We have the same blond hair and blue eyes.  We have the same strong independent spirit, fierce stubbornness, and annoying bossiness, but that is where the similarities end. Loving My Opposite Child She is a girl of extremes, all sunshine and rainbows or all thunder and storm clouds.  I take a more middle of […]

lessons from home
Hello! I'm Heather and this is Baby Joel, the youngest of five. At Lessons from Home you will find encouragement for your parenting and homeschooling journey. Healing from loss is also a major part of this blog as my family struggles through grief and brokenness at the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.
lessons from home

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