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14 Delightful Winter Poems for Kids of All Ages

This is the season of fresh snowfall, sledding, building snowmen, and cuddling up with hot chocolate. Why not embrace the season with these winter poems for kids? Poems have a wonderful way of helping us embrace feelings. What one can say simply “I enjoy sledding”, the poets will say “Sing a song of winter, sing […]

4 Strategies for Improving Reading Skills

Listening to my six year old confidently read the Bible in church or catching the grin on my ten year old’s face as he casually inserts a challenging vocabulary word into his conversation gives me a thumbs up.  I am growing strong readers!  This is every homeschooling mom’s dream but is sometimes difficult to achieve. […]

Easy Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

I was not always the easy-going homeschool type (easy-going still might be a bit of a stretch!). We used to enjoy full curriculums. They are preplanned subject by subject and divided into grade level. I felt safe knowing my kids were learning everything they should for their age. I had trouble imagining school as being […]

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Hello! I'm Heather and this is Baby Joel, the youngest of five. At Lessons from Home you will find encouragement for your parenting and homeschooling journey. Healing from loss is also a major part of this blog as my family struggles through grief and brokenness at the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.
lessons from home

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