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Staying Faithful in the Middle

Today’s five minute friday prompt is “middle”. I begin every school year with great excitement. New material to explore, brightly colored teaching aids hang on the walls, sharp-tipped crayons and colored pencils are ready for creativity. We have an entire school year to embrace. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm doesn’t last. Oh, it stays with us through […]

4 Strategies for Improving Reading Skills

Listening to my six year old confidently read the Bible in church or catching the grin on my ten year old’s face as he casually inserts a challenging vocabulary word into his conversation gives me a thumbs up.  I am growing strong readers!  This is every homeschooling mom’s dream but is sometimes difficult to achieve. […]

Apologia Botany- A Curriculum Review

My kids are budding scientists.  Nearly every afternoon you will find us carefully mixing household items, creating charts, or dissecting small bits of God’s creation.  From my four year old carefully putting paper clips onto a foil boat and watching them float to my 11 year old learning greek and latin roots describing plants, Apologia […]

Easy Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

I was not always the easy-going homeschool type (easy-going still might be a bit of a stretch!). We used to enjoy full curriculums. They are preplanned subject by subject and divided into grade level. I felt safe knowing my kids were learning everything they should for their age. I had trouble imagining school as being […]

My Really Horrible First Day of Homeschool

We have just entered our sixth year homeschooling. Sixth! I love the way that sounds. In some ways it feels as if I have enough experience to have this figured out and have a good plan in place. Truthfully, that’s how I felt going into last week.  I was armed with curriculum I was comfortable […]

Toddler Activities-Keep them Busy

I love homeschooling.  I enjoy teaching, planning fun projects, and watching my hard working kids scribbling away at the dining room table. However, as with all things that I love, there come challenges.  How to choose the right curriculum, keep up with my housework, and provide the opportunities that my kids need for educational, social, […]

Upper Elementary Social Studies I Love

One of my favorite subjects is Social Studies.  I enjoy everything it has to offer from geography to culture studies to history.  While Caleb would prefer to study science all day long, he did like the curriculum we used for fourth/fifth grade history/geography. This is a Christian Light Education text book.  Christian Light Education is […]

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