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Fighting the Good Fight with God

Usually, I pray for peace for my family. I pray that God calms the bickering and that I respond with patience when kids break dishes or the washing machine ceases to work. Early this morning, while wrapped in my new fuzzy blanket and curled up comfortably in my recliner, I found myself praying for fight. […]

When we Blame God for Pain and Suffering

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I awaken with a start. I listen for a second wondering what woke me. My toddler is snoring softly beside me and the two of us are warm and comfy snuggled together. I can hear Joshua breathing through the baby monitor and the gurgling of Caleb’s turtle tank filter. Lines from […]

Hi, I am Heather! I am a mom of five, homeschooler, homesteader, and lover of all things chocolate. I am excited to share your faith and parenting journeys with you. Whether you are here looking to grow your faith, heal from loss, find homeschool resources, or hope to find inspiration in raising godly children, you are in the right place. So, grab your favorite hot beverage, curl up in your comfy chair, and stay awhile.

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