embrace the moment

A Call to Embrace the Moment

My call to embrace the moment began at 4 a.m. I am sandwiched in my king-sized bed between a three-year-old and a one-year-old.

Now, if you’ve ever slept with a toddler you know that they do not sleep in a straight line as adults do. So when I say sandwiched, I mean I have one child’s arm over my head and another child’s leg across my middle. It is not easy to sleep like this, but they are warm and soft in their footy pajamas and the sound of their quiet snoring is comforting to me.

Instead of sleeping, I’m thinking. If you are like me and often wake in the middle of the night to “think” you can guess that most of those thoughts are worries.

Not tonight.

Tonight I am thinking about our future. Tonight I am pondering the idea of goals for 2019. Hmmmm goals? I am a goal oriented person, but lately my ambitions have been reduced to “I just need to get past this busy week” or “I have to get through the sadness of this holiday”. I don’t want to continue this mindframe.

embracing the moment

A Call to Embrace the Moment

Many people choose a word at the beginning of the year. That might be a good idea for me. Something to help me focus. Hmmmm what word would be good for me? My mind is tripping over itself searching for a meaningful word and important goals.

I have to shush it. My mind has caused me enough trouble these days.

God? Tell me, goals and words? I have spent the past two years just getting by. I don’t want that anymore. Should I have goals? Should I have a word? I need a change.

Joel makes a grunting noise and shifts, thankfully removing his hand from my head.


Embrace? Embrace what?




Now I see where this is going! My mind starts protesting! I am not embracing anything-especially not sorrow! In spite of the protests, I feel a sense of peace.

I want to embrace life and life is full of both sorrow and joy. What if I simply stopped overthinking things and allowed myself to live in the moment? What if I allowed myself to embrace the moment, everything life brought me, both the good and the bad?

Hmmmm ok. Embrace. Embrace the moment. My mind starts running again lol but this time in a positive direction. I am trying to think of a Bible verse with the word embrace.

The dozens of verses my mom made me memorize growing up have served me well and I am thankful she put forth the effort, but I come up empty-handed this time. Nope, no verses about embracing life or faith or fear or sorrow or joy.

I carefully reach for my phone, which is on the night stand next to me. Joshua snorts as I accidentally pull his hair. Oops. He shifts and now both of his legs are across my middle.

Definition of embrace

I google Bible verses with the word embrace. A few pop up but are used in the concept of hugging.

One definition of embrace is to “seize eagerly; to lay hold on; to receive or take with willingness that which is offered; as, to embrace the Christian religion; to embrace the opportunity of doing a favor.”

“To receive; to admit.”

“To find; to take; to accept.”

Be Present in the Moment

Could it be that I’m tired of fighting? Tired of planning, controlling, and forcing? Tired of protesting and resisting. What if I simply embraced it all? What if I accepted the people in my life in spite of their shortcomings and allowed myself to be loved in return?

What if my goal was to be present in the moment, no matter what that moment brought? To embrace the moment is powerful, really.

Would I be at peace if I simply embraced each day in spite of the fearful possibilities it contained? Could I waltz into every 24 hour period determined to allow myself to feel the sadness, joy, confusion, fear, stress, love, and peace that each day holds without resisting it?

embrace the moment
This was taken 8 days before I lost my Rebekah. How thankful I am that we embraced this moment and took a bunch of goofy selfies. I treasure these pics now!

What a wonderfully freeing concept! To simply embrace life. To accept the ups and downs, the sorrows and joys, the good and bad. What if I opened my heart and allowed God to work in my life in His way and time and not try to control it myself.

Enjoy the Moment

The pain of losing Rebekah and the constant fear of losing one of my other kids steal the joy from my life. I am not going to lie. I WANT to enjoy the moment. I WANT to allow the boys to have fun experiences.

How can I enjoy the moment when such heaviness hangs over me? Perhaps it goes back to allowing myself to believe that God is in control and is here for me.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:33-34 NKJV)

Embracing Quotes

I am not the only one struggling to embrace, neither are you! I found a couple of posts full of encouraging quotes.

One Exceptional Life “45 Impressive Inspirational Quotes for Overcoming Obstacles” quotes “The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” –Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

My favorite embracing quote from Healing Brave “20 Quotes about Embracing All the Seasons of Life” is “If you stay stuck in the past season or fixated on the future season, you will miss the one you’re in.” — Maree Dee

I Will Answer the Call to Embrace the Moment

In 2019 I will strive to embrace God’s will for my life. I will strive to embrace those around me and the situations that unfold each day.

Is anyone willing to embrace the moment with me?? Did you choose a word for the year? I’d love to hear how it is going!

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24 thoughts on “A Call to Embrace the Moment”

  1. Heather, I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose a child and my heart hurts for you. I have had other kinds of loss and when I think of embracing the moment, I feel like it’s taken me a long time to get there, but I still have many moments of doubt. It will be a constant struggle, but if you lean on God, He will take you there. Beautiful post.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Wendy! I think learning to embrace is an ongoing process. As our lives and our faith grows, embracing looks different. May God bless you on your own journey. Hugs!

  2. My heart aches with yours as I read your words. How does a mother embrace a life absent of one of her own? And yet, God is faithful. Thank-you for sharing this intimate moment between you and your Father, as He drew you in with a call to embrace the moments of life in spite of your loss. Though I’ve never lost a child, I have lost something very precious to me and this post spoke right to my heart. Thanks Heather for your beautiful heart and for your obedience to our Lord! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for hearing my heart, Cherith. May God bless you as you continue your own journey and may you embrace all that life brings your way with the knowledge that our God walks with us. Hugs!

  3. Thanks, Heather! What a beautiful time of life you are in. 🙂 For sure embrace it! It will soon slip through your fingers. Pinned and planning to share this to the InstaEncouragements FB page next week. Hug your little ones— they are so precious!

  4. A wonderful post. When you have lost someone it can control some aspects of your life. Embracing the moment is very freeing and I loved your honesty as you shared the random thoughts and fears we all have. It helps so much to know you are not alone in the fight.

  5. I am so not a fan of a word for the year… yet God seems to be. As much as I resist it He will place a word or phrase in my life and then work through it with me as I resist at all cost. This year it is Be Still and I am learning to rest, give up the fear of what I am not accomplishing in this season of sickness… I can relate to Embrace. Embracing the hard is not fun but God works so much through it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your struggles. It is amazing how God can teach us truths during these seasons that we just can’t figure out during seasons of joy. You know, I was not a fan of a word for the year either, but it has helped me to focus. I have read several of your posts on “Be Still” and they spoke to my heart!

  6. You are most definitely right! When my girls were younger they would crawl in bed with me and wrap their arms around me. They looked like they were so happy being there with me. There were times that I was so tired and really wanted to be in bed by myself but it would come to me one day they are going to be busy with their own lives so I should enjoy it while I had it. They are 16 and 9 now and both still crawl in bed with me, hug on me and tell me about their day at school or with friends and I embrace every moment of it.

    1. Every child needs those quiet moments where they can be themselves and talk about what goes on in their busy days. I’m so glad you and your kids embrace those moments. I think you will always remember them. Hugs to you!

  7. Heather, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter Rebekah. You are so beautiful how you are choosing to embrace each moment as you move forward. I absolutely love that word and have never heard anyone else have it. You are an awesome writer, too! Praying for God to protect you and your family. Many blessings to you … ❤

    1. Thank you for hearing my heart and for your kind words. Isn’t God good to be continually loving and guiding us through every aspect of life? Hugs to you!

  8. This is wonderful!! I also need to just embrace some situations. It’s so amazing how we can embrace them all at the same time we are laying it at the feet of Jesus. Trusting His embrace!?

  9. Great word. I enjoy picking a Word of the Year. LOVE is my 2019 Word of the Year.
    Basing it off of these scriptures:
    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind & with all your strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31

    “Let all that you do be done in love.” 1st Corinthians 16:14

    “…put on love…” Colossians 3:12

    I just got a book called Sacred Holiday that really helps with breaking down your WotY. I liked how she explaines it. I hope you enjoy embracing your word. 😉

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