lessons from Mary the mother of Jesus

7 Lessons from Mary the Mother of Jesus that are Applicable Today

Welcome to the final edition in the Mothers of the Bible Series! I am amazed at the lessons I’ve learned this year in spite of the thousands of years that separate us from these incredible women. Today, let’s study Mary, Jesus’ mother, another lesson from the New Testament, and the truths she can teach us.

We all hold Mary in high esteem, after all, she mothered the savior of the world. She was chosen to carry the son of God, the redeemer, the long-awaited Messiah. Ideas like a virgin birth or immaculate conception swim through our minds making us feel completely separate.

She was a human being, just like you and I, making the entire story more beautiful than ever. No matter how distant you feel from such an honor, keep reading, and discover the lessons from Mary, the mother of Jesus, that will grow your faith and encourage your heart.

Characteristics of Mary, Mother of Jesus

While it is a Christian tradition to study Mary during Christmas, she is a wonderful Bible study any time of year. The story of the woman whom God chose to bring the birth of Jesus, His son, into the world will fill your heart with hope.

We know nothing about Mary other than that she was a young woman engaged to Joseph. She most likely spent her days cooking and cleaning, not unlike us today. She was probably dreaming of the day that her and Joseph would be together and she would be caring for her own home and surrounded by their children.

We get a glimpse into the characteristics of Mary, mother of Jesus, right from the beginning. Let’s turn to the book of Luke and study the little we know about Mary’s life.

lessons from mary the mother of Jesus

Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, accepted the will of God

God’s will looks different for each of us. Some of us are given praise from our fellowmen while others are frowned upon and whispered about behind our backs (most likely the case for Jesus’ mother!). Some of us experience grief and pain while some of us work tirelessly to bring the gospel to those who need it.

We are all doing our part for the Kingdom of God, but it looks vastly different.

Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 

And having come in, the angel said to her, “Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”

But when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and considered what manner of greeting this was. Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. 

And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David. And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end.”

Then Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?”

And the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God. 

Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her. (Luke 1:26-38)

I am most in awe at Mary’s willingness to accept the word of God with little questioning. She accepts this strange will for her life with her only question being that of simple biology (how can this be since I’ve not been with a man?). Her entire life was about to change.

While this post is about Mary, Jesus’ mother we have to consider that she was the wife of Joseph. This was a huge test of his faith as well and he also proved himself to be a willing servant of the Lord. The gospel of Matthew tells of the dream God gave to Joseph to show him what was going on. It reports that Joseph arose from his sleep and did as the angel commanded him. No questions asked.

Of all these lessons from Mary the mother of Jesus, I can honestly say that I pray the most for this one.

Mary was Humble in the Face of the Power of the Most High

We could expect Mary to get a big head, after all, she was carrying within her the long-awaited for Messiah, prophecied in the holy scriptures, the son of David. The one the prophets had promised would deliver them from bondage and set up an everlasting kingdom of peace.

But Mary’s second notable characteristic is seen when she visits her cousin Elizabeth. Her words of praise show that she remains a humble and willing vessel even after she’s had time to think about it.

And Mary said:

“My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;
For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.
For He who is mighty has done great things for me,
And holy is His name.
And His mercy is on those who fear Him
From generation to generation. (Luke 1:46-50)

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Mary was not Loud and Boastful

If any woman throughout history had the right to be boastful and the center of attention, it would be Mary! Everything surrounding her first child was miraculous and significant.

The shepherds leave baby Jesus praising God with a loud voice and telling everyone they meet about what they experienced. The prominent wise men visit her bringing expensive gifts to her child.

But the Bible says that Mary “kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19) She remained the Lord’s servant with humble meekness.

She did not call up her girlfriends or flaunt her favor in front of anyone which would be human nature to do so. She quietly pondered these things in her heart. Sure, they didn’t have phones in those days, but you get my point. This lesson from Mary the mother of Jesus is totally applicable in our lives today and convicts my own soul.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was Obedient

We see that Mary and Joseph are dedicated to the Law of the Lord.

Now when the days of her purification according to the law of Moses were completed, they brought Him to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord (as it is written in the law of the Lord, “Every male who opens the womb shall be called holy to the Lord”),  and to offer a sacrifice according to what is said in the law of the Lord, “A pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.” (Luke 2:22-24)

Mary was obedient to the Law of the Lord. We see this again when Jesus is 12 and they make the yearly pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Mary Turned to Jesus Right from the Beginning

We see Mary’s faith in John 2 when she asks Jesus to perform his first miracle. He protests and she ignores him. She supported his public ministry even before it began.

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. 

Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding.  And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.”

Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.

Mary’s Faith Held Strong

We see her faith again in the beginning of Acts.

And when they had entered, they went up into the upper room where they were staying: Peter, James, John, and Andrew; Philip and Thomas; Bartholomew and Matthew; James the son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot; and Judas the son of James. 

These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers. (Acts 1:13-14)

I believe Mary continued to believe and support the church into her old age and died with the confidence that her son had brought her salvation.

What can I Learn from Mary, Jesus’ Mother?

So now that we’ve covered a few characteristics of Mary, the mother of Jesus, how do we apply these to our lives? What can we learn from this strong woman of God?

  • Be a willing vessel to do the Lord’s will, no matter how it changes the path you thought your life was taking. How often do we pout and complain when circumstances change and we find ourselves not where we want to be? Allow yourself to be a willing vessel. God will work out all of the details.
  • Humility is a theme we see over and over again throughout the Bible. Pray and ask God to make your heart humble. Repent of any obstinance and pride and take Mary’s example of a lowly handmaid.
  • Praise and worship God from your place of humility. This praise will open your heart to acceptance of His will as well as enable you to hear directly from Him. Praise closes the gap between you and your creator. (Check out this post from Aryn the Libraryn about praising with your kids!)
  • Keep some of those thoughts to yourself. I am a chatterbox and pretty much everything I think flows out my mouth. It is NOT my best characteristic. Mary quietly pondered things in her heart. She was not quick to share these miraculous events with everyone. Sometimes we need to be quiet and introspective. Mary quietly accepted it as God’s will and waited patiently as it unfolded.
  • Study God’s word. Mary was obedient to the law of God. She knew what was expected of her as a child of God. She followed the law and was obedient to all that God asked of her. I have heard people say that the Bible is a book of dos and don’ts which is not altogether true but some have tried to sugar coat it to make it more acceptable to those who don’t like rules. Studying God’s word will bring you closer to Him in many ways.
  • Turn to Christ as soon as you have a problem. How often do we struggle and complain and try to figure things out on our own? Skip all the drama and go straight to Jesus.
  • Even when circumstances make things feel impossible, continue to trust God. Mary witnessed her son, the supposed savior of the world, be crucified. She wept as he died. Yet, her faith held her strong and she dedicated the rest of her life to him.

Lessons from Mary, Mother of Jesus

As I’m writing this, my mind is full of images of friends, young girls my kids hang out with, and older women I am blessed to have in my life. We are all given special purposes with which we are honored to glorify God. I find myself asking? Am I honoring God with the special purpose He has given me?

Which characteristic of Mary, mother of Jesus, do you feel most connected to? Which of these 7 lessons from Mary, mother of Jesus speaks to you today? I’d love for you to share in the comments below!

For myself, I am going to focus on praising and worshipping God with a humble heart. I am drawn to this because it is so easy to become overwhelmed when looking at the world around us. Focusing on the greatness of my creator will pull me out of that discouragement and fear. What about you?

I hope you check out the other amazing women whose stories God has preserved for us to connect to and learn from. Whether you are learning to be persistent in your prayer life or in need of accepting God’s will for your life, you are not alone.

Take my hand and walk with me on this crazy journey we call life. I cannot help you through your trials, but I can remind you of the one who can. I cannot take away your heartache, but I can walk beside you and remind you of the hope that comes from Christ. I cannot produce happy moments for you, but I can rejoice beside you, praising God for His goodness.

Let us reach out to the women around us who are also seeking and may we reach back through the thousands of years that separate us from these women of faith, and hold tightly to their wisdom and guidance.

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26 thoughts on “7 Lessons from Mary the Mother of Jesus that are Applicable Today”

  1. I am blessed with your article about Mary, Heather. Thank you for being God’s instrument and a vessel of love like Mary. May God show His favor on you and your family. Keep on blessing others. I will do, too!

  2. I am doing a talk on Mary at our connect group tomorrow
    It was so inspiring to see all the comment by the ladies
    about Mary

  3. I have just been teaching about Mary in some online sessions and at a retreat so I loved reading this. It is so good. You lifted out so many passages and aspects of Mary’s character from them. Thank you, Heather.

  4. Well written! This is my take home
    “Be a willing vessel to do the Lord’s will, no matter how it changes the path you thought your life was taking.”

  5. I love these reflections! So good. I’m currently taking my family through Eugene Peterson’s book Mary: Seeing God through the Eyes of a Mother and it has been so good to go through this character study together as we lead up to Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thank you for this insightful character study. It seems such obvious choice and yet how often do we think about Mary but instead head into studying the faith giants of the Bible such as David, Daniel or Moses. Thank you Heather for prompting me into taking a closer look into the life of Mary

  7. I really enjoyed this article. I want to make sure to continue trusting and obeying the Lord and being a willing vessel surrendered to His specific call on my life. No matter what I see around me I want to continue to believe that He has a plan and His plan is perfect.

  8. Wonderful and inspiring post Heather. Mary can teach us so much about faith even after all these years. She is a wonderful example for us, especially the seven characteristics you highlighted. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. I love this Heather! I want to be a willing vessel like Mary was. To accept God’s Word immediately and then expectantly wait, watch and wonder at His work all around me. I love it!

  10. Yes Mary was very strong, obedient and humble. She was so courageous to go through this special pregnancy and birthing experience with Jesus. This is a wonderful post!

  11. The thing that amazes me the most about Mary is that somehow she was living a life that she was ready to be chosen by God to be the mother of his precious son! That is the path I want to walk – to be living in such a way that I’m ready to be used by God!

  12. Great minds think alike, Heather! My post on Mary is set for next week! 🙂
    I loved that you took us through her life. I think I most identify with needing to follow her example of taking it straight to Jesus. I tend to skip right to what I should be doing about the situation.
    Thanks for an uplifting post, and I hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

    1. I can’t wait to read yours next week AnnMarie! Yes, I hear ya about acting before praying. I think I need to s-l-o-w down and not be so quick to “fix” everything. Merry Christmas to you too dear friend!

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