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20 Best Worship Songs for Kids to Connect their Hearts to God’s

Worship is an amazing gift we have between ourselves and our creator. Teaching our kids to reach God through prayer is something they will rely on for the rest of their lives which is why I have put together this list of worship songs for kids.

Whether you are looking for kids’ church songs or specific children’s Bible songs you will love the way music brings your children in touch with God.

Let’s face it, our kids are being pulled in all directions and rarely does that direction lead them to God. With online gaming, Youtube, social media, and a host of carnal distractions, it is up to us to help them focus on God’s word and their relationship with Him.

Worship Songs for Kids from Modern Worship

I am not really sure where old classics meet modern worship, but I did try to include a little of both in this list of kids’ Christian songs. From old hymns with a modern twist such as “I’ll Fly Away” to old favorites like “Awesome God” and “Jesus Loves Me” to contemporary adult worship songs, you are sure to find a couple that touch your children’s hearts.

And that is exactly what we want, am I right? That they are touched by the lyrics and offer up their own words of praise to the one true God.

What a Beautiful Name It Is

We worship God because He is great. We worship Jesus because he set us free from sin and death with his selfless act on the cross. I have heard this song sung by many people, but my heart was touched when I came across this video. A must watch!

It’s Your Love

It is the love of God poured out upon us that draws us to Him. It is the running theme throughout scripture and the basis of our faith.

This is Amazing Grace

The old hymn “Amazing Grace” is my favorite hymn and while kids today are less attracted to that style of worship song, the same theme runs through this one. What God has poured out upon us really is amazing grace.

Lord I Lift Your Name On High

This one is easy to sing and the chorus just begs to be sung even if you don’t know the words.

You Make Me Brave

As an adult, I face fearful situations, but experience has taught me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. As our kids learn from their own experiences, this song can bring confidence and a reminder that they are not alone.

Way Maker

I must confess that I could not find a video with kids that I liked to go along with this worship song for kids. However, when I asked my 11 year old which songs I should include in this post, this was the first one he suggested. Here is the official video. It is long, but I know it will bless you and your children as you praise the Lord together.

God of Wonders

Wonder and awe are part of worship, aren’t they? Knowing that we serve a mighty God, the creator of all and that He wants to be a part of our lives, makes one’s heart sing. I pray your children feel that awe as they listen to this song.

Awesome God

I imagine that Rich Mullens never knew how beloved his song would be and for what length of time. He passed away in 1997, less than 10 years after writing Awesome God. This beautiful song continues to be sung in churches, hummed while washing dishes, and enjoyed by children’s choirs around the world. What a legacy to leave behind.

How Great is Our God

The greatness of God is something that inspires worship, doesn’t it? Impressing the reality of who God is on our children is an important part of teaching them to worship.

Every Move I Make

This is a fun one that will get your kids singing and dancing. May your kids be like David dancing in the streets before the ark (but with all their clothes on!)

I’ll Fly Away

If you want to introduce your kids to some old fashioned hymns, this is a good place to start! They’ve jazzed it up a bit to give it a modern feel, but it sings the same as the one in the church hymn book.

Lord, I Give You Me

Learning to give God your dreams, fears, worries, hopes, and heart is something we learn to do during periods of worship. This song spells out our heart’s desire in case you don’t have words of your own.

Battle Belongs

A song full of encouragement and strength! It will have your child pumped and ready to face the world with God on their side.

This is What You Do

God is not a being that is aloft. He wants to be a part of our lives. He wants to be the one we run to when life hurts us or we don’t have the strength to keep going.

You are Good

Another song about the goodness of God. You really cannot have enough of these! Acknowledging the way God works in our lives and loves and supports us is something that our kids will come back to time and again as they face life’s challenges.

Raise a hallelujah

Hallelujah is a Hebrew word combining hallel (meaning praise) and jah (meaning God).

worship songs for kids

Worship Songs for Kids: Songs about Jesus

These three children’s Bible songs speak specifically about Jesus loving us and how we return that love.

Jesus Loves Me

One of my earliest memories is singing Jesus Loves Me during Sunday school. My teacher was playing guitar and we were all sitting cross legged in front of her. With all my heart I believed the words of that song. That is where my faith began and I have clung to it ever since.

Oh How I Love Jesus

I feel as if love has taken a turn in modern times. We’ve lost the true meaning of it. Teach your kids to pour their hearts out to God and express their love and faithfulness. Scripture tells us that we love because He first loved us.

Hey! Jesus Loves Me

This is a fun, upbeat song that is great for expressing our faith.

Why Worship Songs for Kids are Important

What is the importance of worship songs? Why is worship an important part of our faith?

When you read the Psalms, you can see how David used worship to ask for forgiveness, express his confidence in God, gain strength from God, and share his troubles and woes. When David poured out his heart to God, it was not a one way conversation. God reached out and interacted with David.

He does the same with us! Worship connects us to God. Worship connects us to the only true source of love, peace, strength, and joy.

The beautiful part of worship is that we come before a holy God in humility confessing who He is, and He reaches out to us, a sinful creation.

I hope these worship songs for kids teach your children the beauty of that connection with God.

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