spiritual warfare prayers for marriage

20 Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Your Marriage

Our closest human relationship is our marriage and what is under attack ALL THE TIME?  Our marriages. This is no coincidence and is clearly a tactic of satan.  In this post, we are going to discuss what marriage is meant to be and what spiritual warfare prayers for marriage look like.

Powerful spiritual warfare prayers alone are not going to fix your marriage.  This is not “magic” in which saying a few words will change the course of nature.  

Building healthy marriages means forsaking our own self, seeking true love, growing in the knowledge of the Lord, turning away from sin, forgiving, repenting, overcoming obstacles together, and the list goes on. This is not a once-and-done sort of affair.  Satan will come after your marriage again and again and again.  

He is clever at taking your weaknesses and turning them against you.  When you have two people with weaknesses trying to have a relationship, a lot can go wrong, am I right?  It’s time to clean out our own hearts, come to God in humility, and embrace our marriages as the sacred covenant they are.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Marriage: A Couple of Tips 

Never underestimate the power of prayer.  James tells us that “the fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much”.  May we be that righteous man and woman coming before the throne making our requests known in confidence and faith knowing that He hears us.  

Jesus tells us:

​A few prayer points before continuing.  Now remember, these are not a special mixture of words that are suddenly going to get you the result you want.  Prayer is hard work and God will often answer us by first showing us what we need to change in our own hearts.

Praying the word of God back to Him will give you focus and power as His words are perfect and holy.

Jesus shows us by example that the best way to resist satan is with the word of God.

spiritual warfare prayers for marriage

Come to God with humility and repentance.  

Spiritual warfare prayers for marriage will bring about a recognition of the sin in your own heart. Come to God with humility and repentance no matter how difficult it is.

Persistence is important.

Be persistent in your prayers.  The enemy attacks are not going to stop because you’ve begun praying.  Take this parable to heart.  

We can only fight the forces of darkness with the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus.  

This is about tapping into Holy Ghost fire through faith and obedience to the word of God and asking for divine intervention.  We only have spiritual authority in the Name of Jesus Christ and in our obedience to him.  

Do not go into your prayer with a list of things your spouse is doing wrong and how you want God to fix them.  

Yes, your spouse needs “fixing”, we all do, but that is God’s job.  He will do it in His time as you pray and your faith grows.  I have a funny story about this, though it wasn’t funny at the time.

We had decided to build a new home. We agreed on what we wanted in our new place, how we would like the layout to be, and all those difficult decisions. What we didn’t agree on was how we would execute it.

I wanted a professional to build it. He wanted to build it himself. We headed off.

For the sake of peace in the household, I conceded-grudgingly.

In the months that followed, every time something would go wrong, I would say, “well, I guess you should’ve hired someone.” Which, you guessed it, led to more fighting and bad attitudes.

I began praying that God bring a professional to help us. When that didn’t happen, I prayed that God would show my husband that I was right and he was wrong. That didn’t happen either!

Then one day, God showed me this verse:

Apparently, God had A LOT of work to do on my heart and He was using this situation to teach me.

Lord, help us to look to you in our relationship. Help me to not insist on my own way, but to listen, love, and act in the manner that honors you. Change my heart that I may serve my spouse the way you want me to.

More thoughts on praying God’s word back to Him.

One last thing before we plunge into specific spiritual warfare prayers for marriage and that is praying the word of God.  You will find that all of these prayers are connected to a Bible verse.  I truly believe in praying God’s word back to Him.  It shows us what to pray and makes the living word of God our own.  It increases our own faith as we study and pray God’s word.  

The concept is simple.  Find a verse, rearrange it to make it your own, and pray the words.  For example.

Take the 2 Chronicles 7:14 verses mentioned above.  “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 

Dear Lord, I come to you in all humility.  I know that I am sinful and I’ve made many mistakes, but I pray that you forgive me, heal my marriage, and set us on the right path to you.

Are you ready?  Let’s become prayer warriors!

learning to pursue peace

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Marriage: Praying God’s Word

I want to cover these basic situations specifically in our spiritual warfare prayers for marriage:

  • Praying for peace in difficult situations
  • Praying for the presence of God in your home
  • Praying for God’s blessing in your marriage
  • Praying for the spirit of forgiveness

Praying for Peace in Difficult Situations  

Difficult times are not a stranger to any of us.  Whether you’ve fallen into a bad financial situation, health problems, family members taking up residence with you, or grief has stricken your hearts, know that God is with you, He has not left you alone to battle through it by yourselves.

Everyone handles stress and grief differently and this is where a lot of marriages struggle during difficult situations.  My husband becomes withdrawn and I have the need to talk it out.  Again, marital life is throwing two imperfect people together and the best way to overcome challenges is by praying together. If your spouse is not willing to pray with you then I guess it is up to you to pray for the both of you.  

Dear Heavenly Father, your word says to come to you in prayer and supplication.  I thank you that you are always with me.  I thank you for your strength and protection.  Bring your peace as we struggle through this situation, wrap our hearts in your grace and love as we face this difficult time together.  Strengthen our marriage during this time and teach us to be anxious for nothing.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and your grace.  Thank you that you have overcome the world and you have given us that same power.  May your peace rest on our house and our marriage as we navigate life’s difficult situations.  Help us to overcome temptation, trials, and painful situations.

Lord, thank you for your constant reassurance and strength. Help me to be patient during this trial, give me wisdom and strength that I might be strong in your will and for your purpose. Change my heart and help me draw closer to you during this time. In Jesus’ name.

Lord, bind us together, help us to be strong together, and show us how to stand against the forces of darkness together. May we be so joined together that it is impossible to divide us. Bind us together in truth and love and the joy of the Lord. Strengthen our relationship, guide our footsteps and give us wisdom to face the world.

My presence will go with you

Praying for the Presence of God in Your Home

Praying for the presence of God in your home will help not only marital problems but also the other relationships in your home.  Kids react to their atmospheres.  If your home is stressed, your children will be stressed and will act out.  

You need to be an example of unity and love in your home, giving the rest of your family the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving atmosphere.  

Moses’ prayer goes well here.  He has been given the huge task of leading the multitude of God’s people.  

Almighty God, you have given me this wonderful spouse, blessed me with children, I can only take care of them with your presence in my home.  We need your guidance, your love, your peace, your joy.  May your presence lead us and fill our home.  In Jesus name, amen.

Another dialogue between Moses and God.

Lord, I ask two things of you today. I pray that your presence is with us, in my marriage and in my home. We long to serve you and worship you and acknowledge you as the center of our marriage. I pray that you bring us peace. May your rest be upon our relationship and in our hearts. In Jesus’ name.

As a child of God we can approach Him.  We can dedicate ourselves and our homes to Him and He will be among us.

Abba Father, our hearts seek you and want to follow you.  Be in our midst, fill my home with your presence, guide us and direct us.  Remove the evil spirits that compete with your presence.  May we dwell with you.  In Jesus name, amen.

Many people focus on the first part of this scripture, but I want you to notice verses 12 and 13.

Lord, I am calling upon you! Bring your presence into my heart and into my relationship in such a way that it overflows to all who know us. Fill our home with your peace and your spirit. I call upon you today. Your word says that when I turn to you, you will hear me. I believe that you hear me. I stand on your truth.

Lord, fill our home with your love! Fill our hearts and our relationship. Your love will end all strife, fear, anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness. Wrap us in your love, may it fill our home to the point of overflowing. You have shown us what true love is and I want that in our relationship. I don’t want the selfish love the world teaches, I want your love to flow.

Oh Lord, show me the way to walk, teach me to be like you. Fill my heart and home and marriage with your “fullness of joy”. Help me to walk with you and put you first in all areas of my life. Fill our home with your goodness as we seek your face.

Praying for God’s Blessings in Your Marriage 

There is no doubt of the holy union of marriage and that it is blessed by God.

A marriage prayer for any marriage no matter the circumstances is that God blesses it.  The Bible is full of blessings that seem to be lost in our day. 

Oh Lord, God, may you fill our marriage with your love, may you draw us closer to you so that we may draw closer to each other.  Your love alone saves us.  Your love alone, O Lord, brings peace and joy.  May the power of the Holy Spirit rest upon our marriage and our lives as we seek to do your will.  In Jesus name, amen.

These Bible verses are beautiful.  May God bless you and be with you.  May He pour His grace and love over your souls, your marriage, your walk with Him.  May he shine upon your hearts.  

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Bless our marriage with true love. Our marriage cannot be built on selfish earthly love, but on the pure love from above. Help me to love my spouse the way you do, show me how to put my negative thoughts and feelings aside and love the way you want me to. Heal the selfishness and pride in our hearts and help us to hunble ourselves before you and each other. In Jesus’ name.

Bind us together, remove the evil forces that threaten to tear us apart. Have your way in our marriage and in our lives. Help us to stand strong against the evils of this world, against all those to resist your truth. May we fulfill your purpose in our marriage.

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why is forgiveness important

Praying for the Spirit of Forgiveness

Spiritual forces of evil are given a lot of ammunition when we harbor unforgiveness and many marriages fail because of it.  Unforgiveness will keep the spirit of strife alive in your home and prevent the will of God in your life and in your marriage.  

Any successful marriage will find both parties repenting and forgiving.  We are sinful creatures making stupid mistakes while we learn to truly love like we are supposed to.  

The blood of Jesus has brought forgiveness of sins.  That means our sins and those who sin against us. When Christ died on the cross, our relationship with our creator was reconciled.  We were brought back into right standing with Him.

For a healthy marriage, we need to apply that same reconciliation.  Sometimes it is over very difficult things like infidelity, and other times it is about the simple day to day things like your spouse being ungrateful, going against your wishes, or saying hurtful things.  

Praying for forgiveness will give you a change of heart or if you were the one in the wrong, hopefully it will give your spouse a change of heart.  Many spiritual battles are fought on the field of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Don’t give up on this one easily.  It is probably the most difficult and yet the most necessary.  Come to the situation in the name of the Lord and trust Him to fight this battle for you.  

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​Emotional wounds run deep, but marital breakthroughs almost always need forgiveness on one side or the other.  Don’t give into the dividing spirit.  Stand strong and God will send His healing touch.  It may not bring about perfection, but it will bring about healing.

Let’s pray these verses for a spirit of reconciliation.

Lord, it is so difficult to forgive when I’ve been hurt. I’m angry and frustrated, and the last thing I want to do is forgive. Help me to love like you love, help me to forgive as you have forgiven me. Fill my heart with your peace and love that it pours out of me and fills my marriage. In Jesus name.

Dear Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner. Put in me a clean heart, full of mercy, kindness, humility and meekness. The world teaches me to put myself first, but you teach me to put others before myself. Help me to forgive the way you do, help me to see others how you see them. Put your love and mercy and peace into my heart and help me to love my spouse the way you do. In Jesus name.

Lord, it is so difficult to love when I’ve been hurt. It is difficult to love when I don’t feel loved in return. Unforgiveness has taken hold of my heart and is crowding out the love that I have for my spouse. Fill me with your love, remove the anger and frustration, cut out the hurt and help me to grow through it and past it. In Jesus name.

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Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Marriage and the Armor of God

No spiritual warfare prayers for marriage post would be complete without these verses from Ephesians.

How do we fight for our marriage in the spirit?

  • sword of the spirit 
  • with the belt of truth
  • breastplate of righteousness
  • helmet of salvation
  • shield of faith (can you picture those flaming darts?)
  • feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace

Lord, show me how to use this armor in my everyday life. Satan is against me, my marriage, and my family. Protect me from the fiery darts, help me to recognize them and protect us against them. Remind me over and over again that prayer is the answer and I need to fight in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Stand strong on these powerful spiritual warfare prayers for marriage. Our relationship restoration must begin with a love of God.  Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

What are your thoughts on these spiritual warfare prayers for marriage? Share them in the comments below!

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