spiritual warfare prayers for protection

20 Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection

Whether you are here because you want to improve your prayer life or because you feel as if you are under spiritual attack, I hope the word of God speaks to you in this post about spiritual warfare prayers for protection.  

Before we jump into this I want to remind you that we can only fight the spiritual forces of evil in Jesus’ name.  We cannot do it on our own.  

It is the blood of Jesus that brings us eternal life BUT if we are not living in obedience to the will of God, we are giving into the strongholds of satan.  Our daily life must be lived in obedience to God’s word if we want to have any authority whatsoever over the wicked spirits that battle against us.

These spiritual warfare prayers for protection are only as good as our faith and the amazing thing is, the more you pray them, the more your faith grows!

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have.  We cannot see into the heavenly realms as we lost that ability when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden.  

However, praise God that we have power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Divine protection comes in many forms.  Some of us are seeking physical protection.  Some of us are seeking a sound mind or protection from fear and doubt.  These come from our complete dependence on our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  

These powerful spiritual warfare prayers for protection are all based in scripture.  God’s word is the best way to stop the fiery darts of the enemy.  Jesus showed us this by example during his own temptation.  

And this is exactly the approach I want to take with this blog post. Taking God’s word and resisting Satan with it. In our case, we will take scripture and turn them into prayers.

We are going to begin with the prayers and then move to more information about spiritual warfare, a little about arming ourselves with spiritual armor, and then end the post with additional Bible verses about God’s protection.

Let’s get started!

learning to pursue peace

Lord, your word says that you are with me. I do not have to fear evil. This dark place I am walking through is not so dark because your light illuminates my path. I trust you to lead me. Fear has no place in my life or my thoughts.

Lord, your word says that you will walk with me and save me in the midst of my trouble. The sinful world is against me. Evil lies are whispered into my mind making me fear. I believe that you are with me. I believe that you will save me. Strengthen me.

Lord, you are my refuge and strength, I have nothing to fear. Satan cannot prevail against me, the sinful world in which we live cannot win against me, and the anxiety that overwhelms me must subside. You are on my side. Only you have power over my storm. You are my peace and safety in the midst of the storm. Surround me with your peace and strength.

spiritual warfare prayers for protection

I will stand strongly in faith. The Lord is for me, He will protect me. I will not fear, I will not doubt. Lord, I believe that you are with me, fighting my battles, freeing me from the evil one. Satan has no place in my home, the world has no place in my heart. I stand strong in Jesus’ name.

Lord, guard me from the evil one. You are greater, stronger, mightier. Guard my mind against doubts, fears, and temptations. Guard me and my family against the evil things that can hurt us physically, but most of all, guard us spiritually that we may walk in the spirit and follow you with all of our hearts.

Lord, I believe that you are with me. I put my trust completely in you. Do as your word says. Strengthen me! Help me not to feel discouraged, afraid, or hopeless. The world cannot make me fall when I am walking with you. Rise up and deliver me, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I trust in you. Hide me from my enemies, hide me from the fiery darts of the wicked that cause me to fear and doubt and worry. Deliver me from those who come against me. I believe that you will keep me safe and bring me to salvation. Fill my heart with the peace and joy that comes only from you. You are my hiding place, in you do I put my trust.

Lord, I trust you, I am relying on you to rise up and defend me. Incline your ear to my prayer. You said you will surround me with a shield. I need your protection. I believe in your strength and power. Protect me in Jesus’ name.

Just like David, Lord, I trust you. You alone are my strength. I lean into you, I give this problem to you knowing that you will deliver me. Protect me from the evil one, keep me safe from his devices. Incline your ear to me and wrap me in your safe arms. Draw me close to you so that I may be filled with your peace.

Lord, I give up my control. Strengthen me with your spirit. I lean into you. I trust you. In your strength, I can fight against the evil one. Fear and doubt cannot overtake me when you are strengthening me. In your strength, I can resist temptation.

I trust that you are working all things for my good. I trust you. Satan cannot make me doubt or fear. The world cannot make me sin. I stand strong in you. Even when everything is wrong in my life or the world around me, your word comforts me. You are in control. I am weak and limited, but you are all powerful and all-knowing.

Everything is against me Lord! Just like David, the evil one has risen up against me. I do not have the strength to fight on my own. Save me, be a shield around me, deliver me. I trust you. You alone are my salvation. You alone are my deliverer. Rise up and save me. Tear down my enemies, destroy my high places, help me to follow you with all of my heart.

I am not afraid of evil men. God is my helper. Satan cannot hurt me. Man cannot hurt me. My soul is safe in the presence of God.

Lord, deliver me from those who work against me. Keep me focused on you, drawing closer to you, seeing the spiritual world for what it is. Save me from my sins, from temptation, and from the evil one, in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, hide me in your presence. Keep me safe from those who rise up against me. Protect me from the evil one who tempts me and wishes to destroy me. Help me to base all of my decisions and thoughts on your word. Be strong in my life, fill me with your comfort and peace.

Lord, be my shield! Hold me with your righteousness, protect me from the evil one, make my paths straight and show me your way.

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The Reality of Spiritual Battles: Do We Really Need Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection?

Throughout scripture, we see the supernatural power of God.  He proved to the Egyptians that he was the living God when He sent the 10 plagues, ending with the death of the firstborns throughout the land.  

We see the workings of satan when Israel is forced to worship the false god Baal.  God sent fire down from heaven pushing the evil forces out of the land as the people turned their hearts back to God.

Today, we struggle with unbelief, discouragement, unforgiveness, rebellion, and the list goes on.  As a child of God, satan wants nothing more than to cause us to turn from the one true God.  Peter tells us:

The good news is that the work of the crucifixion and resurrection of lord Jesus Christ gave us the power over death and over the evil power of satan.  

God is working in our hearts, purifying them, and growing our faith.

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Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Protection: Putting on the Whole Armor of God

God did not leave us clueless about the forces of darkness. Paul goes into detail, reminding us that we fight in the spiritual, not the physical.

As earthly beings, we cannot fight the forces of darkness with guns. We must fight with the word of God, faith, and prayer.

The full armor of God includes the following:

  • girded with the belt of truth
  • sword of the spirit 
  • breastplate of righteousness
  • feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace
  • shield of faith (can you picture those flaming darts?)
  • helmet of salvation

Forsaking Our Old Nature

While God always loves us, He does withhold His goodness and protection when we are in direct disobedience to Him. We see this with Israel throughout the Old Testament.

They went through the same cycle over and over again. Believe in the one true God, fall into idolatry, war with other nations resulting in captivity, beg God for help and forgiveness, overcome their enemies, and live in prosperity once again.

If we want to be strong prayer warriors, we must bury the old man and embrace the new man. This means changing our actions, thoughts, and lives.

Our new nature is not full of sin and selfishness, but the fruits of the spirit when we allow God to work in our hearts uninhibited.

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More Bible Verses About God’s Protection

I did not write a prayer to go with these verses, but just like above, use these against the evil one. Speak God’s word against him. There is power in scripture. These spiritual warfare prayers for protection are important to study and focus on during difficult times.

Psalm 91 is a beautiful expression of faith in the protective power of God. Did you know it was written by Moses? I recently learned that and it made me look at the Psalm a little differently.

I’ve included only the first 6 verses, but the entire Psalm is a good one to read, memorize, and take to heart.

Psalm 91

Isaiah 54:17

Proverbs 18:10

Romans 8:37-39

1 Corinthians 10:13

How are you feeling about spiritual warfare prayers for protection? Confidently armed with the word of God? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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