Bible songs for kids

20 Most Loved Children’s Bible Songs

I’m going to age myself and confess that I grew up listening to Psalty the singing songbook. Those children’s Bible songs have stuck with me and I am convinced that they provided me the opportunity to learn to praise God.

The children’s Bible songs in this post are light-hearted and happy. They are intended to teach Bible stories, the love of Christ, and scripture. The concepts of joy, love, grace, and hope create a comfortable atmosphere encouraging them to grow their faith.

And this is just the beginning! Before long, your children will be praising God and seeking a deeper relationship with Him. Can you think of anything that will help them through life more than that closeness to their creator?

Bible songs for kids

I’ve divided these children’s Bible songs into three categories:

  • Sunday school songs
  • Action Bible songs
  • Preschool worship songs

Honestly, the categories don’t do much because they are all interchangeable. I was trying to make it easier for you to search through, but if you don’t find the song you are looking for, keep scrolling!

A quick note, most of these songs are for younger children. I do have a post geared toward older kids. Be sure to check it out!

20 Best Worship Songs for Kids to Connect Their Hearts to God’s

Sunday School Songs

These are classic Sunday school songs and they have not lost their impact. You will remember these if you grew up going to Sunday school or a Christian preschool, but even if they are new to you, I know your children will love them.

If You’re Happy and you Know It

Children should be happy! They have a beautiful spirit of resilience and joy that is missing from many of us adults. Embrace that happiness!

This Little Light of Mine

Jesus said that we are the light of the world and while the song doesn’t exactly go into an explanation of what that means, it teaches kids that God has given them something special.


The famous story of the little man who climbed into a tree to see Jesus because he was too short to see above the crowd. I don’t know if this story would be as well known as it is without this children’s Bible song.

Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain

Another happy song! I just love happy 🙂 Your children will find themselves basking in the glow of God’s presence as they sing this song.

Pharoah Pharoah

A fun Bible song for kids about Moses and Pharoah. This has a catchy tune and will get in your head.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Another great classic. Tell your children that God loves them every day. Make sure they understand that He is with them and wants to be friends with them. This is what I love best about kids’ music. As adults we complicate things, but the love of Jesus is not complicated.

Only A Boy Named David

Teach your kids that they are never too young or too small to do great things for God! The well loved story of David and Goliath.

Praise the Lord

Teach your kids to raise their hands and honor the King of Kings. This song is fun and upbeat.

Who is the King of the Jungle

A fun song for kids with a catchy tune that isn’t annoying to adults 😉 This was a favorite of my nephew about 6 years ago and I still smile at the memory of his enthusiasm.

Thank You Lord for Making Me

Action Bible Songs

What is more fun than a happy song? An action Bible song!

These action Bible songs will have your children dancing around and learning God’s word at the same time.

Bible coloring pages

The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock

This well known parable packs a lot of truth. Your kids will love the hand motions. For a good study on what this parable means to you as an adult, check out this post!

Building on the Rock: 10 Lessons Jesus is Trying to Teach Us

I’m in the Lord’s Army

It is important to teach our kids that they are in a battle against sin. They can unite with their families, church families, and friends to stand strong against Satan and his tactics.

When I Look

A fun song about how God is always with us! It will have your kiddos jumping around while God’s truth is hidden in their hearts.

Father Abraham

Another fun classic, Father Abraham will have your kids dancing around and they will never forget who this great man of faith was.

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

The truth of these words are actually a bit sobering in today’s society. When I see the outward display of sin on social media, tv, in schools, and even in the books at the local library, it makes me want to wrap my kids in a bubble and protect them for as long as I can!

The Butterfly Song

This is a throwback to Psalty’s first album (and it was a vinyl album when it came out!) Still a wonderful song. This video doesn’t show motions, but they are easy for you and your child to make up as you dance.

Guess What

Guess what? Jesus loves you! Another great song to write this truth on the hearts of our young ones.

Preschool Worship Songs

Teach your children the awe and wonder of the amazing God we serve. He is creator of all things, ruler of the heavens, more powerful than any other and yet He loves you. These songs are slower and meant to teach your kids how to truly worship and reach heaven’s throne. That connection they learn to make is one that will never end.

I Love You Lord

A lovely short chorus that your kids will be singing along to in no time.

Father I Adore You

Another short chorus that is easy for kids to learn.

What a Beautiful Name

I love this song! This song is longer than the previous two but provides a great opportunity for your kids to sit quietly and think about God’s love for them.

I hope you found this list of children’s Bible songs helpful! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which ones your kids liked the most.

Bible coloring pages
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