experience gifts for men

20 Memorable Experience Gifts for Men

Have you ever stood looking lost in the tool aisle at Christmas time? Decorated sets and fun looking power tools might have you dreaming of your husband crossing things off that honey-do list, but which one does he need? And why are they so stinking expensive? This is the reason I have latched onto the idea of experience gifts for men this year!

What are experience gifts for men? They are outside the box kind of gifts that encourage quality time, acquiring new skills, and well, experiences.

What is a Good Gift for a Man that has Everything?

Have you fallen into the gift card trap? What is a good gift for a man that has everything? The first thing I think of is gift cards. They are easy, thoughtful, and you are sure your man can get what he wants.

But let’s look outside the box with experience gifts!

experience gifts for men

What is a Good Experience Gift for Men?

Think back to one of your favorite memories. What makes it so special? Who was there that created that happy time for you?

I think a good experience gift has to do with taking a person’s interests into account as well as time rather than settling on an object.

Your man enjoys carpentry? Why not gift carpentry classes or online tutorials? Better yet, why don’t you make it quality time and take the classes together?

Does the man in your life enjoy hiking and camping? How about a National Parks pass or put together a camping kit?

Here are a few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Winemaking kit
  • Beer subscription
  • Cheese of the month club
  • National Parks annual pass
  • Date night boxes
  • Rent a pricey sports car
  • Rent a boat
  • Subscription to MasterClass
  • Rock climbing class

How can I Give Experience Instead of Gifts to the Men in My Life?

Two years ago, I gifted my husband 24 date nights. I planned two dates a month and wrote little notes and put them in gift boxes. One gift box for each month complete with gift cards, movie passes, and whatever the date required.

Some dates were at home after the kids went to bed and others I arranged baby sitters. It was fun to plan and it was as if he got Christmas 12 times as he opened a new box each month.

The gift of quality time is priceless.

If you are at a loss for a good gift idea, maybe consider something you can do together? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take dance classes together
  • Learn a new sport together
  • Rent an Air BnB and take a trip
  • Movie or theater passes
  • Do something daring together like sky diving
  • Rent an RV and travel for a week or two
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Go horseback riding together or rent a carriage ride
  • Take scuba lessons together
  • Paintball (it’s not just for teens!)

Quality Times is the Greatest Gift of All

I have to lean toward quality time being the best gift you can give someone. It’s as if you are giving them a piece of yourself.

As a parent of a daughter in heaven, I can tell you how short and uncertain life is and why we don’t want to waste the opportunities we have with the people we love.

In a world that is crazy with electronics and bright shiny objects, we often over look the simpler things that make us happy.
As you are browsing through this list of experience gifts for men, be sure to take into consideration that you are your person’s gift and he is yours.

I’d love to hear about the man that brought you to this post! Tell me your plan in the comments below!

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