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20 Educational Activities for Preschoolers

As we approach a new school year, I will have a 7th grader, 3rd grader, and a preschooler (plus a toddler to keep things interesting!) and I am very excited for all the new activities, curriculum, and learning adventures. Fun educational activities for preschoolers is at the top of my list!

Educational activities for preschoolers should be fun and feel more like play. No need to plan a lot of seat work. This age is on the move and learning is embraced every step of the way.

How Can I Teach My Preschooler at Home?

It is not uncommon to see curriculum containing expensive preschool packages. I feel these are unnecessary. Your preschooler will learn more through daily interaction with you than from workbooks. When surrounded by colors, letters, and numbers, learning takes place naturally.

My four year old wants to sit and do school with his older siblings so I have rounded up some cute preschool learning activities to keep his mind and hands busy and hopefully his mouth at an inside volume!

I’ve put together a list of learning activities for preschoolers at home which will hopefully keep your child engaged and interested in “school” without it actually being school.

preschool learning activities

Our Preschool Routine

This preschool routine works well with our family. I go through the alphabet, one letter a week, with my preschoolers. We learn to recognize each letter as well as its sound. Exposure is key here with very little pressure to master. Writing/tracing is done with an assortment of tools- crayons, markers, paintbrushes, fingers etc.

Each week, activities are planned with words that begin with the designated letter. Including food makes this fun so once a week we eat a lunch prepared with only foods that begin with our letter. For example, during “a” week we will eat a lunch of apples and almond butter along with ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins on top).

I have created a low prep, flexible preschool curriculum based on this letter of the week program. It has worked so well for us! Click the image to check it out!

We read a Bible story with a matching page to color from Christian Light Education.

Numbers are practiced through reading books and games. Again, at a casual rate with exposure being key.

A preschool routine is necessary in my house as my four year old becomes uh, naughty when not engaged in constructive activities. Often times guided play is necessary to keep his volume and energy levels a little lower while the older kids are doing school.

To give you more ideas for educational activities for preschoolers, I’ve put together a list. These are all free. I hope they are helpful to you!

What Activities are Good for 4 Year Olds?

Or 3 or 5 😉 I have compiled a list of creative learning activities your preschooler will enjoy.

Not to sound repetitive, but I do want to emphasize that preschool is about exposure and not necessarily mastery. If your child can’t sit still than embrace this! There are endless hands on activities for preschoolers that teach while giving allowance to that inability to slow down.

Printable Reading Activities for Preschoolers

Here is a great list of printable reading activities for preschoolers. They are fun and entertaining and yet perfect for a time when they need to be a little more still.

Phonemic Awareness Activities for a Strong Start in Reading by Wonder Filled Days

Printable Short Vowel Phonics Game by Wonder Filled Days

Fairy Tale Themed Syllable Counting Cards by The Busy Mom Club

Alphabet Hide and Seek by The Busy Mom Club

Construction Race by Preschool Powol Packets

Fall Literacy Pack by Only Passionate Curiosity

Kindergarten Worksheets and Games has great letter recognition coloring pages. They are free but you do have to sign up for their newsletter.

I am forever amazed at how little preschoolers need formal learning. Your little ones will pick up a lot from these simple printable reading activities.

Preschool Math Activities

Preschool math activities are fun. They are cute and simple and so much more enjoyable than the higher math! I hope these preschool math activities give you some ideas.

Free Printable Caterpillar Number Match by The Busy Mom Club

Free Printable Preschool Math Mini-Pack by The Busy Mom Club

Learn to Count with this Adorable Llama PreK Math Pack by In All You Do

Counting Fun with Jelly Beans by In All You Do

Free Shape Tracing Worksheets by Preschool Mom

Shapes Worksheet by Preschool Mom

Dolphin Dots by Preschool Powol Packets

Train Patterns Printable by Preschool Powol Packets

What kinds of preschool math activities do your kids enjoy? Manipulatives can be anything from hotwheels to blocks to candy!

Are you looking for preschool worksheets? These fun letter identification worksheets are perfect for quiet time activities.

Preschool Fine Motor Activities

Preschool fine motor activities come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From squeezing clothes pins to beads to weaving, these activities should be fun and engaging and not feel like work.

Fall Fun Coloring Pages by Preschool Powol Packets

Weaving for Preschool by Kids by Prekinders

Favorite Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers by Fun Learning for Kids has wonderful ideas with a great variety.

Educational Activities for Preschoolers Should be Fun

Just a reminder that educational activities for preschoolers should be fun! There is a lot of variety here so you will undoubtedly find something your preschooler will enjoy, but keep in mind that play is your child’s greatest teacher.

Colors, numbers, and patterns can be practiced while building blocks. Refrigerator magnets can teach letters while you are making supper. Reading good quality books develops vocabulary, word recognition, and imagination.

I have one more link for you. This one isn’t free but it is an excellent post about preschool games. Many great ideas here! Beyond Candyland: 5 Preschool Games your Kids will Love by Homeschool Gameschool

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