gifts for dinosaur lovers

14 Great Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages

I feel as if I have been going through the dinosaur stage for years. One kid after another. Presently it is my four year old (and fourth child). Books, pajamas, puzzles, movies, anything with dinosaurs! Because I am forever stuck in the dinosaur stage, I thought I’d write a gift guide for you all to spread the dino love! If you are looking for gifts for dinosaur lovers, this is the post for you!

I would like to point out that kids are not the only ones who are in love with dinosaurs. Many of these suggestions also have grown up sizes!

Great Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

I tried to cover a variety of ages, prices, and interests in these ideas. I am simply amazed at how popular dinosaurs are! I suppose the Jurassic movies have added to the interest. In any case, you can find dino just about anything!

Hopefully, this list of gifts for dinosaur lovers gives you some great ideas for the lucky boys/men/girls/women in your life!

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gift ideas for dinosaur lovers

Dinosaur Towels

Your selection of dinosaur towels ranges from cute toddler to big and scary beach size!

Dinosaur Card Games

There is quite a selection of online dinosaur games as well as video games. I was hunting for board games and wasn’t crazy about my choices (if you have a good dino board game, please tell me about it in the comments below!) but did you know there are cute dinosaur card games?

Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers: Pillow Pets

Has your family gone through the pillow pet phase yet? My oldest three did and I feel as if the younger two are close. They just haven’t seen this cute dino one yet! These are nice because they are soft and plush and also double as a night light. The lights turn off after a designated time.

gifts for dinosaur lovers

Dinosaur Slippers for Kids

You can get dinosaur slippers for kids and adults. It is crazy how many different styles and sizes there are!

Dinosaur Winter Hat

Dinosaur winter hats are another idea for gifts for dinosaur lovers for all ages and sizes (and colors!). I warn you that these will attract attention in the store. My kids tend to be shy and they have had many strangers try to chat with them about their hats. Poor strangers are met with scared stares LOL

Dinosaur Robot Pet

One of the coolest of our gifts for dinosaur lovers is robot dinosaur pets! Have you ever seen these? They come in cute and less expensive but also scary and more expensive. I guarantee that the older dinosaur lover in your life will play with it just as much as the younger ones!

Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers: Dinosaur Pajamas

Dinosaur pajamas also make a great gift for the dinosaur lovers in your life. These can include the little dinosaur lovers as well as the bigger ones!

Dinosaur Throw Blanket

Another great gift idea for dinosaur lovers is dinosaur throw blankets. These are nice for curling up on the couch or snuggling in bed. Undoubtedly, they will also be used in fort building during their lifetime as well!

This dinosaur throw blanket glows in the dark!

gifts for dinosaur lovers

Dinosaur Water Bottles: An Inexpensive Gift for Dinosaur Lovers

Now dinosaur water bottles might seem a little tacky, but my kids love water bottles! They come is all kinds of fun patterns and would make a great gift for your dinosaur lover!

Educational Dinosaur Gifts

Many people think “boring” when they hear the word “educational” but these educational dinosaur ideas are far from boring!

Dinosaur Bones Dig

Want to inspire your dinosaur lovers to become archaeologists? These Dinosaur Digs are perfect! We’ve had a couple over the years. Some are a little lame and others are quite challenging. They are great for various ages because it is always fun (even for me!) to uncover fossils!

Dinosaur Sticker Books

We love Dinosaur sticker books! They are great for quiet time, car rides, and any other time you need your child to stay still for longer than 5 minutes! Sticker books also make one of those great educational dinosaur activities in which your kids don’t realize they are learning.

Dinosaur Puzzles

Gifts for dinosaur lovers have to include puzzles! Dinosaur puzzles come in all shapes and sizes and for all age groups. Our favorite for older kids are these 3-d dinosaur puzzles.

For younger kids, floor dinosaur puzzles are bright and colorful. My four year old loves these ones.

Dinosaur Books are Kind of a Go-to for Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

Dinosaur Books make great gifts for your dino lovers. They come in various forms from factual to imaginative to pop-up. My four year old loves the “How do Dinosaurs…” series by Jane Yolen.

There are dozens of factual dinosaur books out there also. Just a warning, however, many of them include the theory of evolution.

Animated Dinosaur Movies

I have not seen the Jurassic movies so I don’t want to suggest them. I’m going to play it safe in this gift guide for dinosaur lovers and stick to animated dinosaur movies.

The Land Before Time movies have been around since I was a teen. I like that they teach some character-building skills.

Dinosaur Train is a PBS show that teaches a lot of facts. Keep in mind that just like factual books, sometimes animated dinosaur movies also include the theory of evolution.

Great Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

Isn’t this a fun list of ideas for gifts for the dinosaur lovers in your life? Is there anything you would add to it? Do your kids have a dinosaur toy that they love? I would like to hear about it in the comments below!

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